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Writing to Open Excel file

At one time I was told of a 3 or 4 letter acronym (not ActiveX or anything like that) for a technology which allowed writing to an open Excel document.  I searched for that acronym on Discussion Forums and found an example which perfectly addressed the problem I was having.
Unfortunately I can't find that example anymore and I don't remember what that acronym was!  Any ideas?
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Re: Writing to Open Excel file

As long as the file is not locked you can write to it using either the report generation toolkit for ms office (labview add-on) or using the ADO interface (sql) using the database toolkit or other ado db tools written that are available for labview.  Search the forums.

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Re: Writing to Open Excel file

Try searching for DDE.  It was the best way to remotely control Excel until about 12 years ago.
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Re: Writing to Open Excel file

Hi 2and4,

Yes, I believe that DDE is the protocol you are interested in. While I do not know the exact forum post you found, try glancing at these previous posts:

Need help in DDE communications with Excel

retrieving data from excel using DDE

Let me know if this helps!

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Re: Writing to Open Excel file

Thanks to all!  DDE was it...