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Using LabVIEW to control New Focus Picomotor via Ethernet

Hey guys,


I would like to control a New Focus picomotor using LabVIEW. The motor controller has an ethernet and RS 232 interface, I´m using ethernet. I followed the NI tutorial Ethernet Instument Control Tutorial to be able to communicate with the controller using NI-VISA. I choose Raw socket, entered the right IP address and port number 23 (which is the right one according to the manual). However, sometimes I can start a VISA session, sometimes I can`t and each time it stops working after a short time. And a simple command&reply VI using VISA WRITE and VISA READ doesn´t work at all.


Any advices?


Thanks for your answer!

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Re: Using LabVIEW to control New Focus Picomotor via Ethernet



Did you get an error message or number with your VISA VI ?


Did you get a LabVIEW library or some VIs with your motor from the manufacturer ?


Why do you not use the TCP/IP library in LabVIEW ? (Data Communication -> Protocols -> TCP)




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Re: Using LabVIEW to control New Focus Picomotor via Ethernet



I have given up on the Ethernet Controller as it also regularly lost connection. Instead I am talking directly to the motor drivers using the  New Focus Communication Adapter Model 8722 (see page on New Focus website). That seems to be much more stable.

You then use the DCN DLL functions (see http://www.newfocus.com/index.cfm?navid=147) to program your application which also provide better functionality than the instead MCL commands used with the Ethernet controller. For instance, with the DLL functions you can query if a motor is still moving, something which I did not manage to do with MCL.







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Re: Using LabVIEW to control New Focus Picomotor via Ethernet



I have NewFocus model 8766-KIT, iPico 6-axis driver kit,
ethernet controller. I would like to use the Ethernet controller for computer Labview based control using RS-232 serial interface.



1. After connecting the controller to the PC using DB9 Female to Female Standard Serial RS232 Null Modem Cable nothing appears in the Device Manager.

Can you pease write down couple of simple steps how to proceed from this point to a working Labview example.

2. Can I use new focus examples at all since ethernet controller alows only MCL but no DLLs. If not what do I do in this case?

Best Regards,



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Re: Using LabVIEW to control New Focus Picomotor via Ethernet



I'm facing exactly the same problem as qolabbas

I can communicate well with the device through the RS-232, but I would prefer using the ethernet for practical purposes.

The device properly responds to ping queries, and I am able to see the device webpage when I enter its IP in windows explorer.

However, I am not able to establish a VISA communication using the Measurement and Automation Explorer (or only for a very short time, and then the connection fails). Idem when I want to open a telnet session through the command window.

The VISA error code is 0xBFFF0011 (Insuficient location information or the device or ressource is not present in the system).


I would prefer not using the Labview TCP/IP library, because I already have a full working library with the VISA protocol.


If anyone having experience with those New Focus Ethernet picomotor controller could help it would be great :-)

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Re: Using LabVIEW to control New Focus Picomotor via Ethernet

Dear All, 


I am also trying to use New Focus intelligent picomotor with ethernet conroller (model 8753). I am beginner in Labview, so i am facing with so many difficulties.

If someone who have simple labview vi code for Newfocus picomotor, please share with me. I would much appreciate you.


Thanks for your help.