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ThorLabs stepper motors synchronization question

I want to synchronize the movement of two ThorLabs stepper motors which use ActiveX controllers. How can I make sure that the "move absolute" of both motors execute at the exact same time? I have tried putting them in different sequence structures and synchronizing them using 'rendezvous' but, even if the dataflow arrives at the same time to both, one executes first than the other.

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Re: ThorLabs stepper motors synchronization question



There is no way for you to achieve synchronization at a software level with your motors. One will always execute first once everything is compiled. You need to be looking into ways for hardware synchronization for these.



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Re: ThorLabs stepper motors synchronization question

There will always be a time lag between motors through a software start execution. You may want to try the Digital I/O ports on the controllers. Each motor is given instruction on a specific move and will wait (armed) till a TTL pulse is initiated through the port. Then motion is enabled.