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Read data from a text file, one line at a time.

I need to read data from a text file, and display each line in a String Indicator on Front Panel. It displays each line, but I get Error 4, End Of Line, unless I enter an extra line of data in the file that I don't need. I tried Read From Text File.vi, made by Nat Instr, and it gave the same error.
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Re: Read data from a text file, one line at a time.

The Read from Text File.vi reads data from a text file line by line until the user stops the VI manually with the Stop button on the front panel, or until an error (such as "Error 4, End of file") occurs. If an error occurs, the Simple Error Handler.vi pops up a dialog that tells you which error occurred.

The Read from Text File.vi uses a while loop, but if you knew how many lines you wanted to read, you could replace the while loop with a for loop set to read that many lines from the file.

If you need something more dynamic because the number of lines in your files vary, then you could change the code of the Read from Text File.vi to the expect "Error 4, End of file" and handle it appropriately. This would require unbundling the error cluster that comes fro
m the Read File function with the Unbundle By Name function, so that you can expose the individual error "status" and error "code" values stored in the cluster. If the value of the error "code" is 4, then you can change the error "status" from true to false, and you can rebundle the cluster with the Bundle by Name function. Setting the error "status" to false instructs the Simple Error Handler to ignore the error. Otherwise, pass the original error cluster to the Simple Error Handler.vi, so that you can see what the error is.

Of course, if you're not interested in what the errors are, you could just remove the Simple Error Handler.vi, but then you wouldn't see any error messages.

Best of Luck,

Dieter Schweiss
Applications Engineer
National Instruments