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Problems with Target nidll.tlc

Hi all,
I have made a physical model in Simulink with the SimMechanics(Simulink Library Browser Block). When I simulate it with Labview and the SIT it's all ok(without Real-Time), however, when I make the DLL to simulate the model in a Real-Time target, Matlab says that  nidll.tlc is not supported by SimMechanics.
Is this that you can´t make a model in SimMechanics to simulate in Real Time with a DLL?
Is this that the SIT(Simulation Interface Tookit) doesn´t support any SimMechanics models?
If someone could help me, I would be very grateful.Smiley Indifferent
Thank you very much.
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Re: Problems with Target nidll.tlc


Sorry, but we do not support the toolkits of simulink in an RT platform. That also explains why it probably worked with windows and does not work with RT.


Cristobal Rus

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Re: Problems with Target nidll.tlc

Hello, I've a questions for you!
Is it possible to run a VI based on a dll, obtained with SIT, inside a project?
I don't succeed to do this!
Thank Odryx