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Problems With NI Distributed System Manager


I'm having a problem with NI Distributed System Manager. I'm working with shared variables using my network, the problem is that I can't see the shared variables located in other PC. I was working perfect with both PCs, but now I can't see the PC that have the shared varaibles that I need, in other words, The remote PC has dissapear from Distributed system manager. I can make ping to it but is not appearing on my DSM.

Do you know how can I do to fix this problem?

I appreciate your help.


Thank you...!

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Re: Problems With NI Distributed System Manager

Hey Rakul

Try undeploying the variables on the 2nd PC and then redeploy them. Are you able to see the deployed library in the Distributed systems manager of the 2nd PC?

Could also be because of a firewall issue. Check if the firewall is enabled or not (check in services.msc as well)

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Re: Problems With NI Distributed System Manager

Here are a few more things to try:

  • Disable the windows firewall on both computers ( if you have not done so already)
  • Hit refresh in the NI distributed system manager ( hit F5)
  • Make sure that the IP address and Computer Name are registered in LabVIEW ==> Tools>>Shared Variable>>Register Computer



Good luck



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Re: Problems With NI Distributed System Manager

Hello Mike


I have a questons regarding the PC or IP Address registration. in the Guest Pc I have installed my VI like a Executable, in others words, in the Guest PC I have installed only the Installler that I made. so how can I register in this PC the Host PC?




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Re: Problems With NI Distributed System Manager



Hello! Are you Programatically deploying your Shared Variables? Once you've compiled your VI into an executable, the shared variables no longer auto deploy. This may be why you can no longer see them on your network.


Let me know if that helps any!


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