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Parallel port at 1 MHz

Knight of NI
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Re: Parallel port at 1 MHz



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Knight of NI
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Re: Parallel port at 1 MHz

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Hi expert,


why do you create double posts? Why did you first post to instrument control forum and than here again (but without body text)?


I doubt you will be able to access the parallel port that fast. At least LabVIEW on WinXP will not be accurate enough to acquire data that fast (and reliable). You still have PCs with 3GHz dual core processors and a parallel port?


Btw. Wikipedia and other sources will explain the different kinds/modes of parallel ports used in PCs. The "biggest" mode allows for transfers of up to 4MB/s, but I'm sure there are special drivers involved. But all those parallel ports are usually vanished in history superseded by USB...

Best regards,

CLAD, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2014SP1 (+ LV2015 sometimes) on WinXP+Win7+cRIO
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Re: Parallel port at 1 MHz

LabVIEW (expert spelling) Smiley Very Happy


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