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I have attached a VI with three different property nodes which I have collected from somewhere. I am trying to recreate those property nodes. Can someone help.
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Property nodes are related to an object.
So, when you copy a property node from one vi to another, you should also copy the objects, otherwise the property nodes are not linked to the object.
In fact the best way to create them is right clicking on the object and choosing creste property node.
So, you have three property nodes that are not linked to any object (in your case you are missing 2 boolean and a path objects).
In the case of the path, you have even a bigger problem, what you have is not even a LabVIEW peace of code, it just a graphic drawing - try cicking it and right clicking it...
This was due to the fact that you copied it, closed LabVIEW and then pasted it. So, it was not pasted in the same LabVIEW execution and it was pasted as a drawing.
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You will need to understand the concept of classes. For a fairly good explanation, have a look at this link: http://zone.ni.com/devzone/conceptd.nsf/webmain/AB9355F09AD3673886256A78005D1B6B

As for finding those properties, right click the property node and go to where it says Select Class. Keep following the check marks to get to the right class. You can also get these faster, for example, by right clicking a boolean and selecting Create>>Property Node. Note that this node will be connected to that boolean.

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I need a small VI which contains many property nodes so that I can understand better. Where can I find a good tutorial on property nodes? I prefer a LV rather than notes. An ineteractive tutorial will be better.
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When you right-click on a property node you can also get help on the specific property. Sometimes the help is very good, sometimes--not so much. But they always as a minimum tell you what the property does and some of the property's properties (i.e. is it read only).

One big complication is that a lot of properties are not applicable to "dialog box" type front panel objects. Unfortunately, LV lets you create node with the invalid properties and only returns an error when executed--which IMHO should be considered a bug, but don't get me started...

In any case, the problem with creating a tutorial is that there is such a large number of properties that creating such a tutorial would be a major development project in and of itself. The best thing is to start with a few basic things like setting a value with signalling (to trigger an event), enabling and disabling things, repositioning, and making things visible or hiding them--these are the ones that I seen to be using 80% of the time. Then little by little branch out into other things that you need in your application.


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Hi labview1958,

There are some examples that ship with LabVIEW that deal specifically with Property Nodes.
You can find these examples by going to Help >> Find Examples in LabVIEW and searching for "property". Two in particular that I think will be helpful are "String Property Nodes.vi" and "Property Nodes.vi".

Thanks, hope this helps.

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I have learnt somethings about property nodes. There are two ways of creating.

First Way

Functions>Aplication Control>property node
Second Way
Controls>Boolean>Right Click> Create>Property Node
However the First Way, I cannot change anything after making the property node. The second way I can change the property node to suit my needs. However if I get rid of the Boolean. I get rid of the property node.
How to get rid of the Boolean and keep the property node?
My latest VI is attached.
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In order to be able to use the property node the first way, you need to wire a refnum to it before you can start making property changes.  So, right click on your boolean->create->reference, and wire that reference to the property node, and it will act the same as the property node created from your second way.
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How do I delete the refnum and yet keep the property node? If I delete the refnum the proprty node goes with it. The Vi is attached
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labview1958 wrote:
How do I delete the refnum and yet keep the property node? If I delete the refnum the proprty node goes with it. The Vi is attached

When you delete the refnum (menu refnum) the property node does not go with it but the reference that you created by right clicking on the refum will, However if you delete the boolean itself it will go with it the property node will go with it because it is directly attached to the boolean.