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Multiplying matrices

I have to acquire waveform from 6 channels and i need to multiply each data point with a calibration matrix to give me the correct value. The calibration matrix is 6X6 matrix and the voltage vector will be 6X1. I need to multiply this before waveform display. I figured that i need to do this in the My scan vi right? But i am having problems multiplying the calibration matrix with the voltage vector. How do i do this?
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Re: Multiplying matrices

Not a problem!

All the math functions in Labview work on arrays just as if they were single numbers. Just wire your matrix into a MULTIPLY node, attach your multiplier to the remaining input, and voila, it spits out a multiplied matrix at the output.

Good Luck!

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Re: Multiplying matrices

hi eric!

Well!i guess its not that simple....i am having problems and the multiply node help says i can't use it to multiply matrix. Let me explain my application to u. I am acquiring data from a force and moment transducer....6 channels of data. The force transducer has this 6 by 6 matrix to convert the voltage into N and Nm. So i need to multiply each colum vector (Fx,Fy,Fz,Mx,My,Mz) with the 6 by 6 calibration matrix and plot the final value in the chart. I have attached my files too. When i do the multiplication (with the normal multiply nod eand with the matrix) my data is not getting processed...the processed data shows zero. Kindly heklp me out here!