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Make a display cluster into a control

Maybe this isn't possible, but I would think that it "might" be Smiley Frustrated


I have a cluster on my front panel (LV2011) and it is reading some identifying values from a DUT such as serial number(s) and firmware version(s). Currently I have a boolean button that I have the user press to read the data (it does get read automatically upon powerup of the DUT also) but I was thinking that it would be neat, cool, interesting for the user to just be able to click anywhere within the dislay (cluster) and have it update.


ooo....  thought. I could track mouse position and when it is over that display, with a LMC it updates.


But in the interest of having an interesting problem to solve, is it possible to now make that cluster into a boolean control?




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‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
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Re: Make a display cluster into a control

Use an event structure and watch for mouse down events on the indicator.

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Re: Make a display cluster into a control

I would definitely go with altenbach's suggestion.


However, if you really want that cluster to act like a boolean control, it is possible.  You can place a button on top of the cluster and then right-click go to properties, and on the first tab change both the on and off color to be transparent.  Your users will not be able to ever click inside the indicator (because the button will be on top) but it will appear that your cluster indicator acts like a boolean control.


If you use latching, but sure to use latch when pressed instead of latch until released.  With latch until released the transparency doesn't work correctly for some reason.

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Re: Make a display cluster into a control

Yeup... That is the way to do it.  Works slick. And I realized that was probably the way even as I writing the question....  just a little brain short there.


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