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LabVIEW Interface for Arduino installation

I want to install the LabVIEW Interface for Arduino Toolkit so I can control an Arduino Uno R3.  The instructions say to download and install the VIPM and then you can download and install the toolkit through the VIPM.  The only problem is that our company's workstation does not have internet access for security reasons so the VIPM will not be able to download the toolkit.  How can I manually download the toolkit to a laptop without LabVIEW, save to a usb key, then manually install on the workstation with LabVIEW?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
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Re: LabVIEW Interface for Arduino installation

I asked that very question awhile back and here is the answer I received. I decided to use a different network computer for the Arduino work so I never did try what was suggested.


Let us know how it turns out.

Using LabVIEW 2010SP1 and TestStand 4.5
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Thank you!  It worked!

Thank you!  It worked!