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Instron 5500 series GPIB control

Hi all,
I am trying to control a series 5500 Instron machine via a GPIB card.
Any help with instruction set info for Instron 5500 controller would
be much appreciated.

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Re: Instron 5500 series GPIB control

Hello Stefan,

Thank you for contacting National Instruments.

To obtain the specific instruction set for that particular instrument, you will need to consult your instrument�s manual or manufacturer, in this case, Instron. I took a brief look at their website,, and they have their resources archived on-line.

If you are having problems actually getting your GPIB card to communicate with and send instructions to your instrument, let me know.

Matthew C
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Re: Instron 5500 series GPIB control

I am also working on the same thing in my plant. If you make any progress I would love to hear about it.

I am still working through the Intro to LabVIEW CBT disks, and will be attempting to work on this issue after I finish the courses.

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Re: Instron 5500 series GPIB control

Mathew said, "I took a brief look at their website,, and they have their resources archived on-line." I don't find resources there. Not much help from Instron unless trading up. I also have an Instron 5500R. I currently am communicating via parallel port and Merlin software. Am interested in LabVIEW, but don't invent wheels here.
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Re: Instron 5500 series GPIB control

We are controlling several 4200 and 4400 series loadframes using LV. Now the GPIB command set did not change from the 4200 to the 4400. I'm going to take a bold leap and say the command set for the 5500 is probably the same. You have a few options: first if you have access to one of these manuals, they have the command set in them; if not doesn't the 5500 manual have them? Second, Instron provides (for a price)LV drivers and finally I might be able to get you the command set.

As a simple test to see if the prior command set will work, open MAX. Then open Devices & Interfaces, then GPIB, then Instrument. At this point MAX should have recognized the 5500 controller by displaying a primary address. At the top of the screen is a button Communicate with Inst
rument. In the window type R3 then push Write. Next push Read and you should get a value back. This is the current extension. R2 is current load and R4 is current strain 1.

Good luck.
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Re: Instron 5500 series GPIB control


I am working on a program to communicate with an Instron model 4442.  Do you have a copy of the command sets or additional VIs that you would be willing to share?

Thank you for your time and help.

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Re: Instron 5500 series GPIB control

I am looking for a Merlin Template DSTM D624. My file was overwritten with something else and I need a new template.


Instron will help for a "small" fee. (small being less than $1000) Any help is greatly appriciated.