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I'm new with CAN and having a problem with the attached VI

Normally when I run the attached VI it runs as expected. However occasionally I'll get the error:


{Error -1074388985 occurred at NI-CAN Configure Network Interface Object
(ncConfigCANNet.vi) NI-CAN:  (Hex 0xBFF62007)}

{ You attempted to set a configuration attribute while the object is running. 

Solutions: Configure attributes prior to opening the object; Stop and restart communication as needed so that you can update configuration attributes.}


Once I get this error I continue to get it each time I run the VI. Only by closing the VI and unplugging the CAN network then reloading and reconnecting can I get things to work once again. Any suggestions on how to prevent this error or what it means?


Thank you,


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‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
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Re: I'm new with CAN and having a problem with the attached VI

Hi Chuck,


The error is best described in the following KnowledgeBase article from the NI website.

NI-CAN Error -1074388985 (BFF62007)


Essentially, what is happening, is that you are trying to set a property after the port interface has already started. This is often seen when the configuration is done within the While Loop. This is not the case for your vi since it appears to follow the recommended setup of placing it outside the loop. However, I noticed that your error lines were split outside the while loop. It might be possible that if an error were to occur, it would not properly close the reference. Try placing the error indicator after the ncClose.vi




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Re: I'm new with CAN and having a problem with the attached VI

Your solution solved my problem.