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How to interface and get data from Telemecanique Micro series PLC to PC using LVDSC?

I would like to develop HMI screen using LVDSC for Telemecanique (square D) TSX 37 2210 Micro series PLC using Uni-telway connection. Presently,TSX 37 PLC already connected with Telemecanique industrial PC RS232 port using TSX PCU 1030 cable. We want to remove Industrial PC and put commercial grade PC for HMI.But for connecting to commercial PC, still,do I require any converter card ? Why NI webside is recommending Applicom make add on card to get supported from LVDSC ? Thanx .....
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Re: How to interface and get data from Telemecanique Micro series PLC to PC using LVDSC?

NI built a Lookout Protocol Driver, that can be used with the IA OPC Server. However, the Telemecanique driver is built on top of the applicom server driver and requires such an interface card from Applicom.
As pointed out in the manual of NI's Protocol drivers I found:
"Information on Using the Applicom Drivers for Lookout

The Applicom drivers for Lookout are all contained in APPLICOM.CBX (16- or 32-bit) which is designed to work with the Applicom server software distributed with every Applicom card. These drivers assume that you have version 2.9 of the Applicom software installed on the same computer under the same operating system as your copy of Lookout. The APPLICOM.CBX file presently supports 12 different objects corresponding to 12 differ
ent protocols or object types.

Before you start using Lookout with Applicom, you must follow certain configuration and testing procedures to ensure that Lookout can communicate with your devices. The steps include configuration, loading, testing, and if you choose, cyclic function configuration.
First take special notice of the two different modes for using the Lookout Applicom driver-Image and Local. The distinction between these two modes is crucial to using the Lookout Applicom objects. "

Because LabVIEW DSC is a full OPC client, it should be possible to use any kind of OPC Server. I think there should be other OPC Servers on the market that would not require an additional interface card. I think you should find a provider. The best way to start is from the offical OPC Foundation web site: OPC Foundation.

This could be an example:

Hope this helps