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Does Labview support BACnet protocol?

I have a plan to optimize the system having BACnet protocol. Can I use Labview to do my project?
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Re: Does Labview support BACnet protocol?

I don't know BACnet but I have searched the web with Google (keywords: bacnet opc) and I have found several hits for OPC servers for BACnet.

LabVIEW provides OPC client functionality through the DataSocket functions. There are also shipping examples available that demo the use of DataSocket with OPC.

So the answer is yes, you can use LabVIEW with BACnet. The easiest way is to install an OPCserver and access it with the DataSocket OPC client.


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Re: Does Labview support BACnet protocol?

And if you see yourself using IO points in excess of 40 or so, you may want to use the Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) add-on module for LabVIEW (instead of the DataSocket). This is because, DataSocket performance starts going down after certain number of points, whereas DSC is built for handling high number of IO points and it has a native in-built OPC Client.



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Re: Does Labview support BACnet protocol?

Dear All,


If someone want to integreate BACnet device into LabVIEW. I will support in this regard. Please contact to me.on mail ID (



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Re: Does Labview support BACnet protocol?