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send bluetooth message from computer to NXT

is it possibel to send a message (string or number) form the computer to the NXT? I try a lot, but nothing works.

I’d like to run a program on the NXT and just send parameters by bluetooth (maybe motorspeed) by pushing a button on the LabVIEW-Frontpannel.

[I don’t like to run the program with “computer as target”]. Did somebody have experience with this?  

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Re: send bluetooth message from computer to NXT

I dont have a NXT here at the moment, but LabVIEW you can find a Bluetooth pallette (Data communication>Protocols>Bluetooth)

So to read the values in your application you would have to use this VIs, but I am not sure if they are supported on NXT, that you have to test.

If they are not supported I dont think, that there will be a way to do this.

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Re: send bluetooth message from computer to NXT



I found to examples which may help you:


Drive NXT using LabVIEW Front Panel

Send Data from Computer to NXT


Hope this will help you.



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