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Reading notepad (.txt files) stored in NXT Brick.

We saved a .txt file in our NXT Brick.  We can see "mmuussiicc.txt" in the NXT Terminal.  The file was a column on numvers:12345676543212345670.  We expected to hear a scale of notes go up then down then up, but all we got was one note???  Any suggestions on how we can fix this program.  We want to learn how to work with notepad(.txt files) and NXTLabVIEW.  Can see program in attachment if I did things right.

Thank you for your time



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Re: Reading notepad (.txt files) stored in NXT Brick.

The logic on your loop condition is wrong. Right now you are looping until a value is not equal to zero(which will be true on your first iteration). You want to replace that not-equal primitive with an equal-primitive so that your loop ends when it reads a zero from the file.