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NI Student Design Showcase

Changing the world is a challenge, but it’s worth the effort. Show us how you’re incorporating LabVIEW system design software into your student engineering projects and how they impact society.

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How to Submit:

Copy and paste the template content into a new document that you create within the country or sub-region space to which you want to submit.

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Subject Comments Kudos
by Serob_ANEL on ‎03-14-17 09:48 PM Latest posted 04-24-17 by Serob_ANEL
0 30
by Sosnoef on ‎03-09-17 05:12 PM Latest posted 03-10-17 by Sosnoef
0 2
by AndreyKOLO on ‎05-29-16 04:18 PM Latest posted 01-30-17 by AndreyKOLO
0 0
by Elizabeth_Byrd on ‎03-06-14 03:16 PM Latest posted 01-27-17 by Elizabeth_Byrd
0 0