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Drivers and Examples for the SuperDroid SD6

The SD6 Industrial Autonomous Robot available at SuperDroid Robots

SW Requirements

  • LabVIEW 2011 (or higher), RT, FPGA (with Xilinx tools), Vision (with acquisition drivers), RIO, Robotics, and CD/Sim.  The bundled SW that comes with the robot will have all of this software.
  • The files attached to this document

File description

  •, Contains the drivers needed to communicate with the robot's motor controller
  • sensor_example, Example showing how to use all of the robot's sensors and actuators
  •, Example application using the robot in teleoperated mode
  •, Example of how to implement a custom motor controller for the robot's motors

SW Setup

  1. Download the packages attached to this document
  2. Install patches if not done already (can be done via NI Update Service)
  3. Start LabVIEW
  4. Click Tools > VI Package Manager or Find VI Add-ons (if VIPM not installed)
    1. If VIPM not installed
      1. Download and install VI Package Manager
      2. End of installation will Launch VI Package Manager
    2. If VIPM installed, clicking Tools > VI Package Manager will launch VIPM
  5. In VIPM, Click File > Add Package Files(s) and select all of the packages you downloaded from this document
  6. Add to Library and Install (You may be prompted to test connectivity to LabVIEW on first use of VIPM)

That should be all you need to do in order to get the drivers and examples for the robot (if you did not get the robot preconfigured from SuperDroid Robots, click here for a document describing how to set up the robot's hardware).  The description for each package in VIPM gives more information on how to use drivers and run the examples.

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