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Make the RT Console Easier to View from MAX

Currently, you can view the console from MAX, but if you don't know what buttons to press... lets just say it's in there somewhere. My idea is to make it more accessible, such as a right mouse button feature off the RT Target.


View Console.png


Kudo +1


This should be implemented to cRIO as well.




The ability to view the console is available when you use the Network Browser to connect to your target, or just type in the IP Address into your internet browser.



Deborah Y.

LabVIEW Real-Time Product Manager

This unfortunately isn't "valid" on a Linux-based cRIO controller, like the cRIO-9068. Unless, of course, it provided a direct link to the actual Linux console (by opening putty or some similar tool). -Danny
Status changed to: Completed

I'm going to mark this as completed for the Network Browser use case and then the NI Linux Real-Time target case is captured in this newer post:


Best Regards,

Deborah Y.

LabVIEW Real-Time Product Manager