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Add a version number to RT EXE files

When working in the Windows development environment the application builder has the ability to implement a version number for the built executable. Additionally LabVIEW has the ability to querry this version number through a property node. I would like to see this feature carried over to RT systems as well. It would be very helpful in determining what particular build of the startup.rtexe file is running on the target.


Active Participant Deborah_B
Active Participant
Status changed to: Completed

Versioning is an option when you build a component definition file (.cdf), which includes an rtexe and its dependencies. This is an option when you build your rtexe in the Real-Time Application Properties dialog box>>Component Definition. Creating this file allows you to deploy the real-time application using MAX or programmatically with the LabVIEW System Configuration API. You can choose to manually specify the version number when you build the application or LabVIEW will Auto increment the version number each time you build. The first build would be and the next time you build it, it may be

Member MHn

I would not declare this point as completed.


.rtexe versions and cdf-versions are not the same.

If I deploy an application direct from the project, the cdf will not be touched.


I think, gsussman's intention was the same as mine, to increment the version of an real-time application (.rtexe) each time it is built.

Only with that I can be sure about the correct version of the .rtexe.

From the cdf-version only, I can not determine if the application (.rtexe) had been updated meanwhile.


Active Participant Deborah_B
Active Participant
Status changed to: In Development
Member James@Work

Obviously not "In Development" since 2015 Smiley Wink

However, versioning of RT Targets can be tracked easily when using images.

The image name/version is available from MAX and programmatically.

Member MHn


I agree, image names / version and component definitions are possible solutions to handle a version on RT targets.

Anyways, in both ways you can exchange the .rtexe-File by deploying or FTP-transfer with a newer version without getting rid of it.


best regards,



Active Participant JoshuaP
Active Participant
Obviously not "In Development" since 2015

You don't know that.