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New Idea

Improvements for editing on tab controls

Status: New
by Knight of NI Knight of NI on ‎11-13-2010 11:47 AM

My front panels are typically large tab controls so most of the FP design and editing takes place on tabs.


In this scenario we lose significant usability, for example:



  • We cannot double click on empty space to create a free label
  • We cannot see the alignment grid.
  • ...
  • The background alignment grid should continue across tab controls and other containers (e.g. clusters) in edit mode.
  • double-clicking inside an empty area on a tab should start a free label operation, same as on the plain background. (only clicking near the border should "find" the terminal instead).


For people like me that open a lot of odd VIs from the forum, the example finder, and other places (maybe that's not the norm!), there is always the possibility of collision with my own projects.


If I already have a project open, downloaded VIs automatically open in the existing project application instance. If they crash or otherwise lock things up, my entire project is toast (fortunately we have auto-recovery Smiley Happy!)


Windows already has a mechanism to distinguish potentially unsafe downloaded content (I actually don't know how that is implemented), and I would like to extend this to LabVIEW related files.




  1. If I have a regular project already open and click on a VI in the browser, it should open in a special application instance designed for that purpose.
  2. The application instance should act like a sandbox.
  3. Multiple downloads should all open in that same instance simply to isolate them from the current work environment.
  4. This application instance should be more restricted in the way VIs execute, for example "run when opened" should be disabled no matter how the VI settings are. Maybe the toolbar should always be visible, etc.


Random number function improvement

Status: New
by Member RyanWright on ‎11-12-2010 06:30 PM

Currently, the random number function in LabVIEW only generates a number between 0 and 1.  More often than not, though, random numbers required by applications must be larger than 1.  It would be really nice if the random number function were improved to allow random numbers to be generated within a user-specified range rather than just between 0 and 1.  It might also be nice if the function were improved to allow the user to be able to specify whether random numbers generated were integers or decimal (floating point) numbers and possibly signed numbers (both integers and decimal numbers).

Currently, the behavior of LabVIEW controls is to generate a value change event even when the user enters the same value as the current control value.  This means that for situations where you are trying to respond to a control change (e.g. combo box), such as performing switching operations,  redundant operations get performed by default if the user changes his mind and doesn't actually change the value of the front panel control.  In the case of switching, for example, that causes relays on the switch modules to be open and closed unnecessarily, resulting in unnecessary aging of the switch relays which have a finite lifetime.  Obviously, this could be handled with some code in the event handler for such an event, but it seems strange for a value change event to get generated when the value of the control didn't actually change.  At a minimum, it would be nice if there were an option somewhere, such as in the LabVIEW options dialog, where the user could specify whether selecting the same value in a front panel control generated a Value Change event or not.

If you attempt to wire two terminals in different diagrams using Create Directed Wire, you get Error 1062, items cannot be connected.  I would like to be able to specify the exact joints of my wire even if it spans various diagrams.

Allow booleans for array indexing

Status: New
by Member donkdonk on ‎11-12-2010 02:19 AM

Allow boolean for indexing.

This way a quick array selection can be made without the need for building loops.

(for those familiar to matlab: matlab indexes like this)




Boolean indexing.PNG

Statusbar for programs

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎11-11-2010 10:03 AM

Now I come up with a thing I requested 2003....

I would like have a statusbar for some UI. This line attached to bottom of the window, to show up status informations no matter where the user scrolled the frontpanel.

The picture should give a coarse impression (I didn't invest a lot time in editing the picture....)

Statusbar for programs.png


I think it can already be done with activeX , a bad workaround is moving some indicators with properties (performance with overlayed indicators and flicker)

Currently you only have the titelbar...

I would like to show things like current test runtime, active comports, warnings etc...

Find Broken VIs : A New Project Feature

Status: New
by Active Participant Broken_Arrow Active Participant on ‎11-11-2010 09:29 AM

It's been great to be able to find Items with No Callers in Project. How about Find Broken VIs as well?



Anyone ever run a vi when you left a modal subvi opened burried somewhere in the huge pile of opened windows? Wors yet the moday subvi had hidden toolbar and shortcuts disabled (most likely since modals are used as gui vi and you dont expose this toolbar to users).  Now if you dont have your own vi task manager your are most likely stuck and have to force quit labview.  Cant there be an option to wanr me before this situation occurs.  AGAIN THIS WOULD BE AN OPTION,  if you dont like it turn it off.  The simple function when you click the run button, it world check the current sub-vi in memory and see if they are modal if so, they would ask if you want to close the modal subvis, ignore or cancel. 


I use labview all day everyday and find myself in this situation every so often - but maybe this is just me.


Yes I know I can make my own vi to do this but it would be easier if it was already in labview for each future version.

I would like to have some kind of compiler optimalisation options.

The save time is often to long, Editing is annoying

Editing in LV2010 often halts for 10-20 seconds because it it recompiling the code for some reason.

If we had some option to turn off "advanced optimalisation" things might go fluently, like in the old days.


rotate a frontpanel object

Status: New
by Member Kittelmann on ‎11-10-2010 02:39 AM



I am looking for possibility to rotate a frontpanel object. I often use labview as a HMI, in this case it wood be nice to rotate an object by value.


Is there any one has a solution or the same problem.


Often I need to know if a user selected a tool in graph palette, but there is no event for it.

I can handle mouse click events, but when user selects one of the zoom tools, the popup that shows zoom tools doesn't generate mouse click events for the graph at all.

I guess the popup is not considered to be a part of the graph or it is rendered outside the graphs boundaries.

So there is no way to register the fact that user selected one of the zoom tools other then poll for it in a loop. No good. I don't like doing that. Smiley Sad


Currently LabVIEW settings like


and auto save information like

last projects and

last VIs

are saved in LabVIEW.ini


Please split this up in two files (maybe LabVIEW.ini and AutoSave.ini). This helps to check for changes in the settings. I suppose to save the auto save information per user. (See this idea.)

The templates for XControl properties are quite simple, the standerd input and output controls and the boolean Value control. Nine out of ten times however I find myself doing the same action for every property I create, namely inserting a 'bundle by name' node between Display state in and out, selecting the correct element, change the Value control to the correct datatype and align and wire unbundle node to the value control for a write property and doing something similar with an unbundle for the read property.


Wouldn't it be nice to have the template already have the bundle/unbundle node already inserted and aligned?

Or, even better, wouldn't it be very nice if the "Create Property" dialog would optionally let us select an element from the Display State cluster and just create the code for us.. Look ma, no programming! Smiley Happy

Problem - Bundle by name causes unnecessary wire bends because the type specifier is on the top.


Make the type specifier terminal on the upper left and the output on the upper right. Also right clicking on an item will allow you to select "Change to Read" or "Change to Write".


Would look something like the following.


A while back, Dany Allard suggested merge and diff tools for projects and libraries.  I have a request that is similar, but more specific:


When opening a project, if for various reasons LabVIEW is unable to locate dependencies of a build specification, it would be truly helpful if the user was prompted to locate said dependencies.  As it stands, by my observation LabVIEW silently omits missing build spec dependencies - this can be frustrating and dangerous.


Here's some context: I have lots of projects with 5+ build specifications. When I move directories, files, or even change LabVIEW versions, my build specifications stealthily fall apart, sometimes very subtly.  Often I don't realize that my build spec is broken until I attempt to build, only to realize that it's a hollow placeholder in my project file.  The most insidious case is when the application builds successfully, but is missing dynamic VIs, etc.  This omission might go completely unnoticed without rigorous testing.  LabVIEW should, in my opinion, give the user some indication that the build specification is missing dependencies or is "broken."


One hypothetical way to indicate this status might be to list the build spec in red font within Project Explorer, and have dependencies listed in dimmed font within respective build spec dialogs.  There ought to be a "resolve conflicts" button in the build spec dialog;  Perhaps this functionality could be integrated in the main conflict resolution dialog somehow.


Furthermore, there ought to be an option to import build specs from other projects.  (Okay, maybe this should be a separate request)  When importing, the aforementioned conflict resolution process should be leveraged to make the import proceed smoothly.


Has this already been requested?  Thanks for listening.



Shared Variable - Round to...

Status: New
by Active Participant Dippi ‎11-08-2010 03:04 AM - edited ‎11-08-2010 03:07 AM

When using the Sahred variable (SV) with "Bind to source", the SV uses the datatype of its source.

If you are using the datatype "double" you can see all fractional digits.

That doesn't make sense all the time - e.g. if you want to display temperature values.


Our idea is to give the user the opportunity of controlling the number of digit of precision.


Digits of precision.jpg



Visualize the absolute cordinates when moving a control

Status: New
by Member Joju ‎11-05-2010 10:33 AM - edited ‎11-05-2010 12:48 PM


when you try to move some control, in thefront panel, in development time, the tip strip represent's a relative displacement, but for positioning this control is very interesting to have the absolute position, and in the properties of this control you don't have posibility to place the control on a determinate position.
would be very interesting to have these utilities to build a front panel with more accuracy.
- show the position when you move a control in the front panel
- in the propierties of the control, having the possibility to input the exact coordinates of the control.




Regarding VISION IMAQ Overlay functions:


Currently it is only possible to select the color of points, lines or figures. It would be fine if it would be possible to select:


- line width

- line/figure pattern

- transparency



IMAQ Overlay Line VI

The 'Prompt User for Input' express VI (LabVIEW 2010) conveniently sets up the return and escape keys as shortcut keys for  the OK and Cancel buttons if you want a 2-button dialog, but if you only want one button (OK), it doesn't get assigned a shortcut key, so you end up having to customize every such express VI . Surely it makes sense to retain the use of the return key to complete data entry in a 1 button dialog?

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