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New Idea

When replacing a bundle by name function with an Unbundle by name function or vice versa, the element names should be maintained.  Currently when you replace this function with the other, LabVIEW does not maintain the same element names. 

The Registry Settings within the Build Spec from an installer is using fixed values only.


It would be nice to have somthing like varaibles that contain the information that are entered on the page
"Productinformation" in the settings window from the installer.


Productname -> %productname

Productversion -> %productversion

User selected Path for installation -> %installdir


This would allow something like this:




The values {%productversion} etc. will be replaced during the setup with the real values. The %installdir contain

the selected installation dir from the user.


Auto update globals variables name

Status: New
by Active Participant Pnt on ‎10-03-2009 12:49 PM

When you change a global's variable name, all instances are not been updated, causing a broken arrow.

It must be done manually and it costs a lot of time.

There is an option "Find ALL instances" so i guess it is very easy to update all names automatically

Wait(ms) - abort

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast Trusted Enthusiast on ‎03-10-2012 05:15 PM



                     Wait(ms)  /  abort   :  boolean / default (F)






Add a quick way to start a new LV project in the folder where you want to save it.



window new menu

Hardware Acceleration for 3D Graphs

Status: New
by Member pobrepablo1 on ‎10-03-2012 02:00 PM

3D graphs should be hardware accelerated. Right now they are terribly slow. But if you Right Click -> Render Window, it is smooth and makes a WORLD of difference.


Right now there exist workarounds - in some applications, I'm programmatically calling the render window. But then I lose out on the projection pallete and color ramp - so it would be best to at least provide the option for users who have suitable hardware. I see no reason why this doesn't already exist. 


The old ActiveX 3d plots don't work on 64bit LabVIEW so that's not a solution. 



I'm not sure how LV populates the tree under Options -> Menu Shortcuts, but I've been longing now for to long te be able to have some SCC actions (most important checkin/checkout) under a shortcut key. Same for several add-ons in that settle under the Tools menu, a couple of them I would like to have accessable via a shortcut key.


So the idea is simply to make everything in the menu available for configuring a shortcut for it.

    How about adding a feature to a few of the LV primitives such that an error cluster can be optionally added to catch some common issues that right now require special checking:  For example, Divide by zero, returning an error as well as Nan, or Index Array where the index < 0 or > size.  THe error cluster would allow easier handling of these cases WHEN DESIRED, by wiring directly to a case structure, etc.

    (This idea evolved form a discussion at the CLA Summit during a talk by Nate Meohring.)



3 states.PNG

There are lot of posts in the forum regarding the design of a boolean control with 3 states "On", "Off", "Default". This is very useful when during some tests the LED should initially be in one color say "black", if test passes, it should display "green" color and if test fails, it should display "red" color. If this comes as a special LED in the front panel, this will prevent extra coding.



Recommend "improvement" in Key Up Events

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎03-07-2010 12:08 AM

I'm using Key Down? and Key Up events to turn the keyboard into a series of switches for a behavioral experiment.  For example, I want the user to push down Caps Lock with the left hand, Return with the right, then use the appropriate hand to do a specified task.  By monitoring Key Down and Key Up events, I can capture the timing of the user's "button sequences" (to the accuracy of Window's clock).


Key Down? provides three indicators of what key is pressed -- Char, which is an I16 representation of the Ascii character (and hence can be "converted" easily into a string one could test, e.g. is this "A"?), VKey, an enum saying if the key is an Ascii character or a "special" key (such as Caps or Return), and ScanCode, which is another I16 that corresponds (somehow) to each key on the keyboard.  There are also boolean indicators that can tell you if Ctrl, Shift, or Alt are being simultaneously pressed.  Of these, the least "transparent" is ScanCode, as there is no obvious way (other than placing a comment on your code) to know that 58 corresponds to CapsLock.


Unfortunately, Key Up only provides ScanCode!  So while I can write "nice" code that can more-or-less self-document that I'm testing for Caps Lock or Return (simply wire VKey to a Case statement, which will allow me to have a case labelled "Caps", pretty obvious, no?), I don't have such functionality with the Key Up event.


Suggestion -- add Char and VKey inputs to the Key Up event!  This will make it "symmetrical" with respect to Key Down?, and will enable producing Key Up code that doesn't need to rely on "magic numbers" (Scan Codes) for specific keys.


Bob Schor

Open all previously open VIs with a project

Status: New
by Member E_Blasberg on ‎11-30-2014 03:47 AM
On the Macintosh, if you quit a program, you have the option to have every window which was open when you quit to reopen when you restart the program. 
I would LOVE this feature on a project basis within LabVIEW.  


I often find myself switching betrween different projects and their windows get very cluttered and it's difficult to discern a VI in one project from a VI in another.


For example, if I have Project A with A_Main.vi, A_sub1.vi and A_sub2.vi open, and then I close the project, the next time I open the project I would like all 4 windows (the project, the Main and both subVIs) to open as well.  If one project has 15 open VIs and another has 25 open VIs, the screen can get really cluttered.  If I could open and close projects and have LabVIEW put me back right where I was when I closed them, this would be immensely helpful.

Something that I think got lost in the newer versions:

You copied a code snipped , switch to your block diagram and paste the code. 

Currently (8.6.1) the code will show up highlighted in the center of the screen and you have to move it where you think it belongs.


I want to (right) click on a position in a diagram, hit Ctrl-V  and the code show up at the click position.



I think it was there in the past, however I didn't found something in the options to turn that back on.

Status: Already Implemented

Bug was fixed in LabVIEW 2009

Class ID for a control / indicator is displayed as I32 Numeric Type (up to LV 2011 release). Inputting "Class ID" property node to a Case Structure, doesn't provide readability. For better readability, we need to use "Class Name" property node (which is a String) and user needs to take care of entering case selector String values


It would be more readable if "Class ID" property node is displayed as "Ring" type (which provides readability and lesser user dependency on entering Case selector values)


Error line next to task line

Status: New
by Member wolfkil on ‎09-27-2012 03:53 AM

With reference the posts in the below links

Reduce the size of the Close Reference VI

Increase the size of Property Node & Invoke Node


My suggestion does not bring any changes in size but a general re-layout of the error line. This will not only solve the two posts stated above but also reduce the "line crossing" in the "spaghetti code"


Smiley Frustrated             old version    

Smiley Happy                 my suggestion

Draw Next Frame Option

Status: New
by Member acolbourn on ‎09-26-2012 02:57 PM

This idea is particularly useful for frame sequences but can be applied to other things as well.  Currently if you have some code and decide you then want to put that code into a frame sequence, you can draw a frame around the first piece of code but when it comes time to add frame 2 you aren't allowed to draw the frame around it.  Instead you click "add frame after" and it shifts all your code to the right.  Then you have to keep expanding it to the right until you have enough room to fit the code you want.  Once that is done you cut all the code and paste it into the new frame and reconnect all the wires.  This is a major hassle and wreaks havoc on your code.  Why not just add an option when you right click called "draw next frame" that allows you to simply pull the next frame off the right side of the first frame and around your code?

I would like a key or click combination to highlight the entire wire.  Structure borders are brick walls for the highlight feature, so you must follow the wire to the structure, then double-click the other side of the tunnel in order to continue tracing the data flow.


For example, if I double click to the right of the While Loop, I get this:



What I want to get is this:



What do you all do when you're tracing wires through structures? 


CAN Frame API polish

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎08-12-2010 06:45 AM

Rewrite the CAN Frame API library by using the 4x2x2x4 connector pattern for each VI.


Currently, the 13 (thirteen !!!) patterns (4x2x2x4, 4x2x2, 4x1x2x4, 4x1x1, 4x3, 4x2, 3x1x2, 3x4, 3x3, 3x2, 2x4, 2x3 and 2x2) lead to wire bends and make the alignement of the VIs more difficult.



Readymade PASS-FAIL button

Status: New
by Member sras on ‎11-27-2014 06:28 AM

LabVIEW has a boolean indicator displaying different colors at T/F condition and alllowing different boolean text entry


In addition, wish to have a ready made indicator with Boolean text PASS (Green Background) and FAIL (Red Background)

All the test applications shall have this PASS/FAIL result and this a quick drop will be useful!

Another common condition is TRUE/FALSE button. These can be added in Silver->Boolean>Buttons section




Typedefs are there but just an idea!



Add comments to virtual folders

Status: Duplicate
by Active Participant Daklu Active Participant on ‎02-04-2011 02:00 PM

It would be nice if I were able to add comments to virtual folders in the project window and have those comments show up in the context help window when I mouse over them.

The resizing function calculates the new position of controls based on the previous position.
But the position is an integer. So the calculation is rounded. If you resize several times a VI, rounding errors occur and position control shifts.
This is particularly true for complex controls (like a graph) that have been modified

Using the resolution of VI and position controls registered at the creation of VI and calculate the coefficient of expansion / displacement from these values.


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