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New Idea

All the other string/number conversion primitives are polymorphic (i.e. can accept arrays as well as scalars), except for the "Format Value" and "Scan Value" ones.  Can we make those polymorphic, too? I hate that I have to do things like this:


polymorphic format value.png

Generic shift register initialization

Status: New
by Knight of NI Knight of NI ‎06-02-2009 11:35 AM - edited ‎11-11-2015 03:56 PM

Sometimes I know I want an initiaized shift register, but I am not sure about the data type, because it might change during program development. Sometimes I have a cluster holding a few variables, but later I need to add a few more elements.


If I initialize the shift register with a diagram constant, things break whenever I change the cluster inside the loop and I need to redo the diagram constant by "delete the constant, right-click the SR,  create constant".


I would prefer a mode where the initialization is generic and simply adapts to whatever type is wired from the inside. This simply ensures that no data is retained between calls, just between iterations of the loop as often needed.


In summary, we should have an option to generically initialize a SR (or feedback node) and it would look different to indicate that fact. For example it could have a small cap as in the attached image.


Hello everybody,


(as suggested I will separate my idea Expand the functionality of Event structures into four seperate ideas to allow giving kudos separately.)


It should be possible to configure events to run first (placing the fired event as the next event to execute like the queue function "Enqueue Element At Opposite End"). Or add priority to events.




Status: Completed
Available in LabVIEW 2013

Allow multiple Desktop targets in a Project

Status: New
by Active Participant JKSH on ‎06-16-2013 01:08 AM

Use case

Consider a distributed program, where client PCs have GUIs that show the values of variables hosted on the server PC. Suppose the server has to change its IP address.



Current options



Bind the indicator to a Network Item (hard-wiring the address of the server)


You'll need to update the server address in every single indicator


Write extra code to read the server’s address from a config file, and programmatically do the data binding


It’s extra code

Bind the indicator to a Project Item, and assume that the “My Computer” target refers to the server. Update the server address by updating the .aliases file


The client PC can’t have an alias of its own





Suggestion option

Have separate targets for the Server application and the Client application (each target can have an alias). Bind Client indicators to project variables hosted on the Server (no extra code required). Update the server address by updating the .aliases file (don't need to update each individual indicator).

Be always able to open block diagram

Status: Duplicate
by Active Participant DanyAllard Active Participant on ‎06-01-2009 01:38 PM
Be able to open the block diagram with a hot key or right click menu even when you use custom menu on user interface. This option should be available for debugging in development environment and when debugging an executable with debugging enabled.
Status: Duplicate
Duplicate of http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/Be-always-able-to-open-block-diagram/idi-p/917601 . Even though the other idea is slightly more recent, it has more kudos, so please go kudo that idea if you have not already.

probe watch window scroll position memory

Status: New
by Member jacemdom on ‎10-11-2009 06:06 PM

Make the probe display remember the scroll position. This in order to avoid the scroll to go back at top when looking at another probe and coming back.



1-scroll all the way down.


















 2- look at another probe.



















3- go back at first probe and have to scroll down again.


Add LV version to window title

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast Trusted Enthusiast on ‎10-07-2009 04:21 PM
When I am running multiple version of LV at the same time I have a hard time telling by sight which version a given VI belongs to.  As others have noted, double-clicking opens the last version used, regardless of the VI version.  This leads to occasional upconversion when an 8.6 VI is opened in LV2009 and subsequently saved.  Every time I want to create a new VI I have to double-check which version I have open using 'About LabVIEW' or checking for subtle differences in the pallettes.  I would appreciate it if the version appeared in the title bar of the window.  In fact, any visual cue would be helpful.



Normally we need "Equal?" function combined with a constant.

With this idea the code is smaller ...

View files hierarchy without project

Status: New
by Knight of NI Knight of NI ‎12-20-2010 05:17 PM - edited ‎12-20-2010 05:18 PM


The LabVIEW project window has two tabs: (1) Items (2) Files. The "Files" view is very useful to me as a quick check to make sure all subVIs are loaded from expected locations.


I am not aware of an equivalent view into the current Vi hierarchy if we don't use a LabVIEW Project. Maybe I haven't found it yet. Smiley Wink



My Idea is to have an optional window that show the current VI hierarchy in a layout very similar to the "Files" view of the LabVIEW project, even if we currently don't use a project.



(Image for illustration stolen from this article)

Improve sound playback quality

Status: New
by Member CarstenPXI on ‎05-29-2011 12:39 AM
Sound playback on built-in sound cards using Standard vi's has multiple issues regarding quality (clicking etc.), choice of block sizes, latency, stability, inconsistent results between various OS versions, CPUs etc.

Needs complete re-write by NI to fix it.

Carsten Thomsen

I really like the notion that you can put a Cluster defined by a TypeDef on the Block Diagram (where it "looks like a cluster", and is possibly quite large), right-click it, and have a Custom Icon that you (should have) created for it show up in its place.  Very mnemonic.


How about extending this idea to all TypeDefs?  I have been known to TypeDef certain arrays ("Buffer Type", "Message Queues"), and rather than have an Array Constant (with the Black Hat that clues the reader that this is really a TypeDef) on my Block Diagram, I can have a Custom Icon that might say "Message Queues" or "Buffer", thereby making it (again) mnemonic and clearer six months from now.




P.S. -- It wouldn't surprise me if this has already been suggested, but a search, possibly with the wrong key word, didn't find it.

Everybody else is doing it ( Microsoft, Adobe, ... ).<br>You pay $100 a month and you get access to ALL NI software products, period. You also get access to all the older versions ( clients rarely use the latest version ). Remember the KISS principle ( Keep It Simple and Straightforward ). I keep getting resistance on this idea fron NI folks. Please forward this idea to the NI CEO for consideration. <br>Thank you

Auto Subvi suggestion

Status: New
by Member Ujjval Shah on ‎05-22-2011 05:13 AM
  1. click (select it) on a subvi(s)*
  2. press shift
  3. LV suggests the next vi with auto connections
  4. use that or simply scroll through the alternate choices suggested by lv
  5. click it



*should be only for low level / driver APIs



new 3.jpg

Support Unit in all controls and functions

Status: New
by Member Qizhen on ‎02-11-2010 01:21 AM
LabVIEW allow you to set unit to the numeric controls.  But if you try to pass its value to some LabVIEW VIs or functions (e.g. "Simulate Signal"), the wire was broken.  LabVIEW VIs doesn't handle the value with a unit.  It makes the unit setting useless!
I got this idea from a Customer, here is his original comments:
"我编写了一个简单的程序,在前面板的旋钮输入控件附上单位vlot,然后在程序框图中放置了一个仿真信号控件,接下来将前面板中的旋钮控件的输出端连接至程序框图中的仿真信号控件的幅值输入端,但在即使帮助窗口中出现了一个错误,为:数据源的数值单位为volt,数据接收的单位为no Nuit,当然程序就不能运行了。于是我采用通用单位符$1的办法也没成功,最后从网友那儿得知在LabVIEW中只能够对数值型控件进行附单位。后来我仔细想了想,按照LabVIEW现在的思维方式,只能够对数值控件附单位,那么在其他运算中就不能够进行单位转换了(例如微积分运算),因此每遇到这种情况后,先要仔细排查一番所给出数值的单位,然后再写出适当的程序,这样岂不是很麻烦?能不能够在其他控件中也加入单位转换功能,这样在今后写程序就不再这样麻烦了! "
To make my applications more portable across operating systems I've been using the OS's recommended directories to store config files and log files. Often this causes user confusion since they are used to navigating directly to the application's installation folder to find that stuff. I'd like to set up the installer so a link to the log file directory is placed in the application's Start menu folder.

LV's graph palette feels a bit outdated.  Can we have the graph support an option for "google map" zooming and panning?  That's what everyone who uses maps are used to... mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the graph, and click/drag to pan.


I realize some advanced zooming options wouldn't be supported by this mode (like just zooming x-axis or y-axis).

In the world of tab controls, a tab caption refers to the actual text in the tabs that you click on to select the different pages, see attachment "Tab Caption". Currently, there is no property node that allows you to change the font characteristics of the tab captions. The font characteristics can be customized non-programmatically by right clicking on the tab control and selecting Advanced/Customize. However, within the customize control all the tab caption properties are linked, so if I make the font color red for the page 1 tab caption, it will automatically change the page 2 tab caption text as well, see attachment "Customize". The same thing applies for the other font characteristics.


This functionality would be useful for those users who want more control over the aesthetics of their front panel. For example, if a user wanted each tab to represent a test that he was running he could change the individual text and color to represent whether or not the test passed, green "passed," or failed, red "failed."

If you try to "set variant attribute" and inadvertently wire in a blank string, this wipes out all other attributes from a list of attributes inside a variant.  An error should be returned, but destroying the rest of the list of attributes should not occur.

Status: Declined
Withdrawn by commenter.

Selectively disable auto compiling

Status: New
by Active Participant Daklu Active Participant on ‎06-28-2010 09:34 PM

When I have large projects with lots of classes, Labview's edit time environment slows down to a painful crawl.  Almost every meaningful action triggers a recompile that gives me a busy cursor for 3-10 seconds.  My productivity falls off a cliff and I avoid making important changes in favor of the cheap hack.  (The dev environment has high viscosity.)


I often wish there were a way to turn off the compiler while I make a set of changes.  I'm not interested in the errors at every single intermediate state of the code while I'm making the changes.  I *know* the code will be broken after I delete some nodes or wires.  Let me turn the compiler off, make my changes, and then turn it back on for error checking.


I'm sure there are lots of different solutions to address this problem.  My preference would be to make compiling faster so it is unnoticable.  I doubt NI will ship me a new computer with the next release.  My second choice would be to stop loading all of the class' member vis when any single vi is loaded.  I vaguely remember a discussion about that some time ago and it wasn't practical to do that.  That leaves me my third choice--more control over what automatically compiles when I make edits.


It could be something as simple as Ctrl-Shift clicking the run arrow to toggle auto-compiling at the vi level.  Or it could be a right click option in the project window that controls auto-compiling for an entire library or virtual folder.  Either would be okay; both would be nice.  


(For that matter, it would probably be a lot cheaper if NI just shipped me a new computer...)

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