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Default data type Fixed Point (FXP)

In a FPGA code, when you click in a function (Math, Array or Comparison) to create the first constant, control or indicator, like in an Add function, it's created as a Double (DBL) type, which is not suitable for this target. In this case, it will be better if the data are created as a Fixed Point (FXP). In other cases, like in Array functions, an Integer (I32) may be a better option. One thing is for sure: Should not be a Double!

Member heel

Good point. But note that floating point support in xilinx is in the pipeline: Looking forward to see it in LV-FPGA as well. But for some time this will remain the exception.

Member JLewis

LabVIEW-FPGA floating-point support has arrived in 2012! It only supports SGL precision, so the DBL default is still unsuitable. Even if DBL was supported, it definitely wouldn't be something you would want to present as the canonical FPGA data type.

Active Participant Manzolli Active Participant
Active Participant

Good point JLewis. I'm posting a new idea suggesting that the default should be SGL.