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What's the GPIB command for Local Mode in Lecroy


I have a Oscilloscope Lecroy 9400. I use GPIB but the lecroy is on remote mode. But when i want go to local, a key is here for this. The Lecroy 9400 haven't key to going to Local. I must restart the Lecroy by the key "on/off"...

I search the notice to found a GPIB command to go to Local but i wasn't found. But I found the command for RS-232

" L" : Go to local with RS-232

What's the GPIB command for Going to Local with Ocsilloscope Lecroy?

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Re: What's the GPIB command for Local Mode in Lecroy

There are two ways that you can accomplish this using the NI-488.2 API.

First, if you are using the 488.2 style calls, you may use the EnableLocal function. It takes the boardID and an address list as its parameters.

Otherwise, get an interface handle to the GPIB board(not device). Then issue an ibsic call to ensure that the board is CIC(controller-in-charge). Following that, issue an ibcmd call. The buffer to give to ibcmd should consist of the following:
UNT(untalk) -- 0x5F
UNL(unlisten) -- 0x3F
MTAx(make talk address the PAD of the board) -- 0x40+PAD
MLAy(make listen address the PAD of the oscilloscope) -- 0x20+PAD
GTL(go to local) --0x01

Essentially, that sequence of command bytes does the following: Unaddresses all instruments on
the bus(UNT,UNL), addresses the GPIB board to talk(MTAx), addresses the oscilloscope to listen(MLAy), and forces the listening instrument to local(GTL).

For more information on the IEEE 488 Command messages, refer to the NI-488.2 online help.
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Re: What's the GPIB command for Local Mode in Lecroy

I also face the same problem in LeCroy LT344L. How to go to local in the machine through GPIB.
As NI-488.2 master also said that set the command in an interface. Question is how to build up the corrsponding command into subvi so that we just only pull the subvi into program.
BTW, i will also study how to set the command in GPIB so that it can go to local in machine.
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Re: What's the GPIB command for Local Mode in Lecroy

Hi All,
Solved it. In VISA, it has the VISA GPIB Control REN. Then, it has the serial mode here. One of the Modes is the VI_GPIB_REN_ASSERT_GTL (6) so that Send the Go To Local command (GTL) to this device.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.