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Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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Re: USB visa problem

Hi Kulin,


Use a driver in different model will raise to an unknown behavior, actually, driver will check the *IDN? result from instrument and judge if the current instrument is supported and reject to serve for the unsupport models.


Here are some steps you could refer to for your case:

1. If the driver currently you downloaded are LabVIEW PnP type, it would be easy to find and modify it for your model. (driver location: <National Instrument>\LabVIEW xxxx\instr.lib\...)


2. Please send an mail to instrument.drivers@ni.com for the new driver request.



- Charles

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Re: USB visa problem

1. I tried to modify, but I do not know what to modify because as I mentioned, I can not find the Programming Guide for this series.
2. Sent!

I hope they will reply. I also wrote to companies asking for Rigol Programming Guide.