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EtherCAT 2.2 download has version 2.0 attached

Download Option 1  is EtherCat version 2.0 instead of 2.2... Option 2 is correct.  Using LV 2011 and  NI-RIO 4.0.  Cost me about 4 hr's... 

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Re: EtherCAT 2.2 download has version 2.0 attached

Are you sure?


I just downloaded the ECAT 2.2 and installed using the Option 1 using the link below.


No version 2.0 attached.


Also, I used the same configuration with you (LV 2011 + NI-FIO 4.0).

The time for me is about 1 hour including download and installion.


Could you please try again when the internet is not busy?