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How to authorize RIDE to other PC??

I have some edu. projects related with Hypersignal RIDE (Hyperception), DSK cards and SPEEDY33(NI product). So now we can't make unauthorization process in order to transfer our authorizing RIDE (and Block Diagram) to other PC. We know that at this time Hyperception RIDE belongs to NI and all problems related with RIDE shall take care by NI

Please let me know how to do authorization to my RIDE to other PC and some information about applications of NI-RIDE, NI-DSP module with SPEEDY33.

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Re: How to authorize RIDE to other PC??

The RIDE software required that the user authorize their installed software via the Hyperception website. NI has taken down this website and customers are no longer able to use this on-line authorization mechanism.

We have developed a simple patch program that will allow the user to bypass the authorization process. The attached compressed file can be used to resolve the reported authorization problem. If you un-zip & run the attached program then the RIDE software will register properly. Please let me know if you should have any questions or require any assistance.
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Re: How to authorize RIDE to other PC??

Thanks man. I will try it out first.