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Blocks in the \dll folder problems

Below is a problem that we had crop up on 3 machines.  We are running some labs that reside on a server.  The labs are in "I:\Infinity_Labs" and the required DLLs are in "I:\DLL".  All of the systems run fine except for these three.  Below is the description of the problem and what we've tried to fix them, including the results.  Any help would be appreciated.

>> 123NH -
>> Systems #5, 10, and 16 (same numbering scheme as rm 124NH) are not finding
>> the DLL directory for the labs. Examples of this are Week 1, Binary and
>> Week 2, Digital. If you point them to the correct folder (i:\DLL), the
>> labs run fine. Possible fixes: rerun the command line script for the
>> previous error or reinstall software.
> The problem here seems to be that the blocks contained in I:\DLL are not
> registered in VAB. The other systems seem to be picking them up fine on
> their own automatically. These three are not. I tried manually doing so but
> ran into the 'exceeding allowed blocks' error you were talking about finding
> (but that we couldn't relocate later) before I could register them all.
> Rerunning the command you gave us made no difference. Looks like we need
> some more tech support.
Please help.  Thanks
Member SAZ
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Re: Blocks in the \dll folder problems

Member SAZ
Posts: 22

Re: Blocks in the \dll folder problems

I would recommend that you use VAB's Auto Build Menu... command to rescan all of the block components from any folders that contain the DLL files. The default folders are c:\Program Files\Hyperception\VABINF and c:\Program Files\Hyperception\VABINF\Hierarchy. You will need to select the 'Delete existing libraries' option. VAB has a maximum limit on the number of block components that can be supported. If the Auto Build Menu... command does not correct the problem then it may be possible that too many user-created, custom blocks have been added to the VAB Block Function Selector. Regards, Steve