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Error -239020

Our PXI-5105 came down with this error, reporting initialization issues.


Could it be a case of corrupted drivers or configuration ?


What steps could we take?



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Re: Error -239020

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Hi Fedor,


I see you're using the 5105 digitizer and getting this error. When I look at the error picture that you've posted, it looks like this is occuring at ni-scope initialize. I think it would be best to test this in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). To get to Measurement & Automation Explorer, navigate to the start menu » programs » National Instruments » Measurement and Automation Explorer. At this point you can expand devices and interfaces, right click on your digitizer, and select self test. See the picture below.


MAX self test.PNG


Are you still getting the error with this self test? Is it the same code? If you're not getting an error at this point, then we've verfied that the hardware can communicate, and we should look at your code that's producing the  issue.


If you are still getting the error, we should follow these troubleshooting steps:


  1. Reset the device in Measurement & Automation Explorer. (See above picture and select Reset device).
  2. Reinstall the device driver in the device manager (you don’t need to reinstall NI-SCOPE) by deleting the device and letting the operating system re-detect the hardware (Action>> Scan for New Devices in the Windows Device manager).
  3. Update the driver to the latest version. This will bring you to the latest drivers, select the latest one for your operating system (probably 3.8.7)
  4. Reboot the PXI controller and try a different PXI slot that's known to be working and/or different chassis

If none of these work, then an RMA would probably need to be set up for the device, and you can achieve this by contacting NI technical support. The applications engineer that you're working with will probably be able to find this discussion forum to reference.


Hope this helps!

Lea D.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Re: Error -239020



Before setting up an RMA or re-installing the driver, I would recommend you try:

1. running self-calibration, and device reset.  If you are receiving any errors on those, please let us know.  

2. If you are not receiving any errors on those, then try to run a MAX Test Panel.

3. I would also think it wise to run an example program such as Configured Acquisition.  


Let us know if any of those steps also reproduce an issue.



National Instruments