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Proven Zealot
Posts: 9,719
Accepted Solution

Space problem

Going to try to reproduce a issue I just encountered where spaces between words were removed from a section of post.


  • Itwasonthefirstlineofabulletpoint
  • Thatcontainedamisspelledwordcorrectedby

spell chacker.  Then typing continued

Proven Zealot
Posts: 9,719

Re: Space problem



Knight of NI
Posts: 31,946

Re: Space problem

Can you describe the exact steps to reproduce?


Is this when composing a message? (Rich text or html)?

Were the spaces removed at a later time from already typed existing text?

Was the space bar simply unresponsive?

Was the page completely loaded?

OS? Browser?

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Proven Zealot
Posts: 9,719

Re: Space problem

The spaces were removed at the moment I pressed "Post" (while waiting for the "success" message.)  They appeared normal until then (or I would not have press post cuz it would be unreadable)

A fast edit of the post allowed spaces to be re-inserted and they stayed


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FireFox 7.0.1

Rich Text

Accepted by topic author Jeff·Þ·Bohrer
‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
Proven Zealot
Posts: 9,719

Re: Space problem

and checking

  • I wonder if this was fixed