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Generating FM-RDS signals using NI PXIe-5451

by Member Abhay_Samant ‎10-25-2011 06:52 AM - edited ‎01-30-2017 08:58 AM


Code that exemplifies how to generate a FM-RDS signal with a Function Generator.



We have two examples to accomplish a FM-RDS signal using the NI FM-RDS API to generate a waveform through a function generator. Since we are using a Function Generator (FGen), we should use a Digitizer to read the output signal of the FGen.


1. LabVIEW 2015 (or compatible)
2. NI FM-RDS Toolkit
3. NI FGEN Driver


Steps to Implement or Execute Code
1. Select the Function Generator resource
2. Finish execution with the Stop button


Additional Information or References: 


- Basic Configuration:



- Advanced Configuration: