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TestStand .NET Event Handler Step Types


The attached step types are for handling .NET events directly from within a TestStand sequence. They require TestStand 2010 or higher.


  • Exit TestStand if it is currently running.
  • Copy the file NI_DotNetEventTypes.ini to your “<TestStandPublic>\Components\TypePalettes” directory.
    • On Windows XP <TestStandPublic> is typically located at:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\National Instruments\TestStand 2010

  • On Windows Vista and Windows 7 <TestStandPublic> Is typically located at:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\TestStand 2010

  • Copy the folder TSDotNETEventHandler to your “<TestStandPublic>\Components\StepTypes” directory.
    • This folder contains both the compiled binaries and source code for the step types.


There are two step types provided with this code: Register .NET Event Handler, and Wait for .NET Event. After installing the files with the above instructions and launching TestStand, the step types will show up under the .NET Events folder in the step insertion palettes of the sequence editor.

Refer to the document and the example sequence in the attached file for further information on using the step types.

The attached Code is provided As Is.  It has not been tested or validated as a product, for use in a deployed application or system, or for use in hazardous environments.  You assume all risks for use of the Code and use of the Code is subject to the Sample Code License Terms which can be found at: http://ni.com/samplecodelicense

Al B.
Staff Software Engineer - TestStand
Active Participant j_dodek
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Hi BlueOnes

Works perfect, thanks for sharing the step-types code

I have used it for monitoring files with FileSystemWatcher Class.



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