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Quick Drop Palette Object Shortcuts (English)

by Example Gatekeeper ‎11-30-2009 02:09 PM - edited ‎01-30-2017 09:23 AM

NOTE: If you are using LabVIEW 2016 or later, these shortcuts are automatically installed on your first use of Quick Drop, assuming you did not copy over your LabVIEW INI file from a previous installation. Thus, this page is only necessary if you are using LabVIEW 2015 or previous.

One of the most useful features of Quick Drop is the ability for users to define custom shortcuts for commonly-dropped palette objects.  For example, I use the shortcut 'cs' to drop a Case Structure.  Attached below are all the shortcuts I have configured for Front Panel and Block Diagram objects.  Note: Most of these shortcuts can be typed easily with the left hand, which allows me to keep my right hand on the mouse while using them.


Copy the lines from the attached text file into your LabVIEW INI file (for LabVIEW 8.6 and later).  No LabVIEW restart is required.  Note: If you already have your own Quick Drop shortcuts configured, you will need to manually merge your existing QuickDropDiagramShortcuts and QuickDropPanelShortcuts INI entries with these, keeping in mind that the lists are sorted alphabetically by shortcut.

The shortcut lists were last updated 2016-01-26.

Other QD Object Shortcut Lists







Active Participant E.Garcia
Active Participant

Great list. Unfortunately not functional for localized versions of LabVIEW.

Member JCC_(SK)

Darren, thank you for list. It is greate!

To learn it I created table with Shortcuts names and Function names. I printed it out, sticked it to my wall and live is much easer now!

Files with table download from this link.

Active Participant Thoric Active Participant
Active Participant

Most excellent. I'm fairly lazy when it comes to deciding on new shortcuts, so I only have cs for Case structure, and dds for the Diagram Disable Structure (conveniently the same as yours). Now I can enjoy many more shortcuts without having to think them all up first! Cheers!

Active Participant E.Garcia
Active Participant

Hi, here are the shortcuts for Japanese LV:

QuickDropDiagramShortcuts="1dg:1ボタンダイアログ;2dg:2ボタンダイアログ;3dg:3ボタンダイアログ;aae:配列要素の和;ac:配列定数;ad1:インクリメント;as:配列サイズ;asb:部分配列;athc:パス定数;ba:配列連結追加;bbn:名前でバンドル;bc:FALSE定数;bp:パス作成;car:複合演算;cbr:リファレンス呼び出し;cc:クラスタ定数;ccat:文字列連結;cr:リファレンスを閉じる;crf:ファイルを開く/作成/置換;cs:ケースストラクチャ;cv:現在のVIのパス;dds:ダイアグラム無効ストラクチャ;dfa:配列から削除;dv:商;ea:空の配列?;eq:等しい?;eqz:0に等しい?;estr:空の文字列/パス?;estrc:空文字列定数;evstr:イベントストラクチャ;ex:積;fc:初めて呼び出す?;fs:Forループ;fss:フラットシーケンスストラクチャ;fstr:文字列にフォーマット;g0:0より大きい?;geq:以上?;geqz:0以上?;gr:大きい?;mp:パターンで一致;nae:配列要素のAnd;nan:非数/無効パス/非refnum?;nc:数値定数;ndx:指標配列;neg:0以下?;neq:等しくない?;neqz:0に等しくない?;nes:In Place要素ストラクチャ;nt:Not;nv:インボークノード;qr:商&余り;ras:部分配列置換;rn:プロパティノード;s1d:1D配列検索;sav:VIを選択...;sb:差;sb1:デクリメント;sc:文字列定数;se:選択;sp:パスをストリップ;srt:1D配列ソート;sss:文字列の検索と分割;tc:ティックカウント;tsc:より特定のクラスに変換;ubn:名前でバンドル解除;vae:配列要素のOr;vr:VIリファレンスを開く;vtd:バリアントからデータに変換;wat:待機(ms);ws:Whileループ;"


Although the shortcuts are based on English words I still think they should be very useful.

For the panel shortcuts I intentionally left out "led" and "snd" as I did not knew immediately what objects to assign to them.

Example Gatekeeper
Example Gatekeeper

Thanks, E.Garcia! I have created a new page in the Quick Drop Enthusiasts community specifically for these Japanese shortcuts.

Quick Drop Palette Object Shortcuts (Japanese)

Are these typable with one hand only in a Japanese environment? If so, let me know, and I'll update the title of that page.

Active Participant E.Garcia
Active Participant

Hi Darren.

The shortcuts are an exact copy of yours, so they can be typed with a single hand.

If one pastes your original lines into LabVIEW.ini, LabVIEW will not be able to call the functions as they are named differently.

What I just did was assign the Japanese function name with each one of your shortcuts.

Your shortcuts might not be the best mnemonics for a Japanese speaker, but I think is a good start!

Example Gatekeeper
Example Gatekeeper

Thanks, E.Garcia. I have updated the page title to reflect that they are still for right-handed developers.

Member JCC_(SK)

I am using your shortcuts very extensively.

Because I am doing lot of FPGA I added Timed (While) Loop shortcut to my list:

  • tws:Timed Loop;

P.S.: Thank you for everything

Active Participant gnshmrthy
Active Participant

I couldn`t find the .ini but i could add to the functions and controls to the quick drop box.

Member _SB_

It's the LabVIEW.ini in your LabVIEW program folder.

The path depends on your operating system and LabVIEW Version.

Default path for LabVIEW 2012 32bit installation under Windows 7 64bit would be for example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\LabVIEW.ini

Member komorbela

Actually I am left handed... Not too lucky if I want to use this shortcut list Did any other left handed developer make up a left handed shortcut list?

Yes, I know I could just do it by myself, but if it's given and tested at someone else, could we get a chance to try it?

Example Gatekeeper
Example Gatekeeper

komorbela, are you saying that you use the mouse with the left hand, and the keyboard with your right hand? If so, then no, I am not aware of a shortcut list for left-handed developers (who use the mouse with the left hand). Feel free to create a new list in the Quick Drop Enthusiasts Community as you come up with good shortcut mappings for your development.

Example Gatekeeper
Example Gatekeeper

I have added a section at the bottom of the document with links to other object shortcut lists (currently Japanese, French, and Dvorak). As new lists are constructed, we can add their links as well.

Member dpnsw

I am working my way through these trying to learn Quick Drop. I am putting together a document with the icon, shortcut and description but the following shortcut fails

trav:Traverse for GObjects.vi [VI Scripting - Traverse.lvlib

I have a utf_traverse_GObjects.vi in vi.lib. Is the one above from a version of LV previous to LV2015?

Also having probems with:

nvb:New VI Object

Example Gatekeeper
Example Gatekeeper

You will only have those objects in your palettes (and Quick Drop) if you enable the following setting:

Tools > Options > VI Server > Show VI Scripting functions, properties and methods

Proven Zealot Proven Zealot
Proven Zealot

Great stuff Darren, you probably already know I'm a fan but thanks for getting this started.  Here are a few shortcuts I've added to your list you may or may not be interested in.  I haven't stuck with the purist idea of only using the keys my left hand can reach.  For me the benefit of an easily remembered shortcut is greater than keeping my right hand on the mouse.  Besides my brain doesn't like typing with only one hand on the keyboard anyway.


cc:Cluster;cb:Framed Color Box;ec:Error Controls.vi;pc:File Path Control

Here Error Controls.vi is a VI that contains the modern error in and error out so both get dropped with one command.


bp:Build Path;cb:Color Box Constant;cd:Clear Errors.vi;cf:Close File;cv:Current VI's Path;db:To Double Precision Float;ec:Error Constant;er:Error Ring;fa:False Constant;i16:To Word Integer;i32:To Long Integer;i64:To Quad Integer;i8:To Byte Integer;in:Invoke Node;infSmiley Tongueositive Infinity;me:Merge Errors;mul:Multiply;pcSmiley Tongueath Constant;pnSmiley Tongueroperty Node;rdf:Read from Text File;spSmiley Frustratedtrip Path;svrSmiley Frustratedtatic VI Reference;ti:To Time Stamp;tr:True Constant;tra:Transpose 2D Array;u16:To Unsigned Word Integer;u32:To Unsigned Long Integer;u64:To Unsigned Quad Integer;u8:To Unsigned Byte Integer;vi:VI Server Reference;wa:Wait 0.vi;wrf:Write to Text File

Here Wait 0.vi is a VI that has a Wait (ms) with a constant of a 0 that is merged.

Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

Brian Hoover wrote:


Here Error Controls.vi is a VI that contains the modern error in and error out so both get dropped with one command.                   

I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that.  I also put that shortcut on the block diagram so I can apply it when I figure out when it actually needed.

Another shortcut I have added:

enq:Enqueue Element

Proven Zealot Proven Zealot
Proven Zealot

Oh one other I forgot but have yet to actually use, is a VI that is merged that is posted here:


Basically it allows you to select an output from N inputs.  You wire N things into the Index and Bundle, then an index selects the item.  The shortcut is "sel" since "se" is assigned to the Select function.  In my merge VI there are no controls or indicators just a comment explaining how to use it.

Member Husseyn33

Excelente, funciono de manera genial.

Member Suda苏打!

hi,I did it ,but i have one question,the QuickDropPanelShortcuts,show the control was "Modern"but i want show the "Sliver".I use the command"ec:Numeric Control;"   How should i do? thanks