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Programmatically Selecting Multiple Y-Axis with Property Nodes


This code shows how to programmatically select which plot corresponds to which Y-Axis.



This code plots random values between 0-1 on one plot and random values between 0-10 on another plot on the same XY-Graph. It uses two Y-scales and property nodes determine which plot corresponds to which scale.



  • LabVIEW 2012 (or compatible)


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. Download the VI.
  2. Run the VI
  3. Play with the scale bar and observe how the scale changes

Additional Information or References

VI Block Diagram


**This document has been updated to meet the current required format for the NI Code Exchange.**


Applications Engineer
National Instruments
Member Bill_in_Detroit

A simple example demonstrating the use of some of the many properties of graph objects.  This example will save you time reading and jumping through multiple interconnected "help" links when all you want to know is how are these properties used?