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Programmatically Create Constant Lines on DIAdem Report from LabVIEW Array

This example shows you how to import an array from LabVIEW into a DIAdem channel, create constant lines on the graph in REPORT for an existing layout for each value in the array, and then output the REPORT layout to LabVIEW to be printed.

Here is a snippet of the VB Script:

Call GraphObjOpen(GraphName)

For counter = 1 To ChnLength("MyData")

name = "MyConstant" + CStr(counter)
Call GraphObjNew("2D-Curve", name)
   Call GraphObjOpen(name)
      D2CCurveType     = "Constant"
      D2CConstX = ChnVal (counter, "MyData")
   Call GraphObjClose(name)


Call GraphObjClose(GraphName)
Call PicUpdate()
Call PicSave("ConstantTest.TDR")

Kelly R.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments