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Hide Front Panel of Main VI while Sub VI Executes


In many applications, it may be desirable to hide the main user interface panel when the user is interacting with a subVI user interface.  Doing this can reduce clutter on the desktop and add focus to what the developer is trying to direct the user's attention to.  I have devised a simple framework for doing this in LabVIEW.  Download my ZIP files, and run them.

Steps to Complete

Download my ZIP files, and run them.  The main purpose of this example is to demonstrate this functionality.  If you want to implement this in an application, you will need to replace portions of the code with your own code.  I have thoroughly documented the code so that you should be able to piece together a solution for your own project.

Additional Notes

Block Diagram of the Main VI:


Block Diagram of Sub VI


Note: Running the attached example requires LabVIEW 2009 or later.

Wes P | Certified LabVIEW Architect
Member wilburwu


front panel transparency increases a little bit the system consumption, use invoke node to make the front panel minimize may be a better solution.

Member Dhana_LV


I think this is very length process to Hide the main VI during run of Sub VI.

Simply we can use  propert node(Front Panel Open).

First thing is get the Main VI Refnum and passed to Sub VI In Sub VI by using that Refnum we can close the Front Panel of the Main VI.

Then When ever we exit the Sub VI at that time , By using that Refnum We can Open that Main VI Front Panel.

Once you Try.....

Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

Wes,  There are just one or two issues with your implementation.  Since this example was mentioned in another thread on the LabVIEW forum I took the time to clean up the project and use a slightly more robust framework.  The project is attached in the thread linked below.  Thanks for the nice example.