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Convert TDMS file to Text File in LabVIEW


This VI will convert a TDMS file that was generated by LabVIEW or LabVIEW Signal Express into a text file. LabVIEW Signal Express will do this for you in the configuration settings, but what if you want to do this in LabVIEW? That is where this VI will do the trick. This VI will return the channel names, their correspondsing start times of acquisition, the time interval between samples and the waveform data.


1. Open TDMS_to_Text File_SE Format_LV2010.vi.

2. Choose the file path of the attached Voltage.tdms file in the VI.

3. Create a text file and give it a name.

4. Choose the file path of the text file in the VI.

5. Run the VI

6. Open the text file and enjoy.

Block Diagram

TDMS to Text File SE Format.jpg

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Does this convert very large TDMS files (>300 MB) without running out of memory?