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Boolean to Enable_Disable

The Boolean to Enable_Disable VI converts a Boolean FALSE or TRUE value to an enumerated type with a value of Enabled (0) or Disabled and Grayed Out (2), respectively. The Boolean to Enable_Disable VI provides space-saving attribute control within your applications.

The Boolean to Enable_Disable VI outputs an enumerated type (Enabled (0) or Disabled and Grayed Out (2)), allowing you to easily see the state passed to your property nodes when using probes or execution highlighting while running your VI.

Below is an image that contrasts typical attribute control with the space-saving attribute control provided by the Boolean to Enable_Disable VI.


Readme file for Boolean to Enable_Disable VI

Application Software

LabVIEW 2010 or higher

Driver Software


Extracting the files

The Boolean to Enable_Disable VI is supplied as a zip archive containing all required items.

Additional Information

Additional information related to the use and operation of the Boolean to Enable_Disable VI may be accessed via:

  • The block diagrams of all included VIs

  • The documentation within all included VIs

Developed by

Mark Ridgley

Member larall

gives type error???

Member Mark.Ridgley Member


Thanks for taking the time to notify me of the issue with this code.

I have updated the code and reposted it with File_Added dates of 2012-11-08.

Mark Ridgley