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3d animated hand

This program create 3d hand animation. User can move 16 elements (3 for each fiinger +wrist). Run hand.vi and adjust slides...


To learn more about 3d animated hand example visit http://www.ikcilab.com

Member NiCoder

What is the password for finger3d.vi

Member Sean-user

A very impressive vi, but I assumed its purpose would be an example to teach others how do develop 3d applications in LabView. Unfortunately, an important vi that creates the fingers is passworded. Consequently, its educational value is limited.

Also, in LabView 2009, the program will have an error because the camera properties are invalid as distributed. Target and Up direction cannot be the same constant. I made mine:

0,0,1 for target and 0,1,0 for the up direction.

Member sugimiyanto

What tools are used to create the 3d objects, 3D max? Auto CAD?

Member krystian

You can create an object using LabVIEW or you can import one. Here is an example: https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-5242