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PCI-7831 tutorial for beginner



I am new to FPGA programming in LabView. I know that I can't use my PCI-7831R with the DAQ- assistant, I read it in a different thread.

Just to know how to use it in my program I would need to know the following:


Continuous read an analog signal with my PCI-7831R and display it in a waveform and anumeric field as voltage.


Is there any tutorial beginning from "ZERO" (which means open a blank vi) on how to creeate such a VI?


Thanks you.

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Re: PCI-7831 tutorial for beginner



There are a number of options for getting started with your PCI-7831R.


Here's a link to a webcast that you might find helpful, which shows how you can start from scratch and build a continuous analog input application.

http://zone.ni.com/wv/app/doc/p/id/wv-70   (Coincidentally, the demo also uses a PCI-7831R.)


Here's a link to a tutorial that shows how to build the host VI from scratch, and add scaling to convert from I16 values to voltages.




You could also start with the LabVIEW FPGA Wizard, which can be used to generate code for continuous analog input.



Hope this helps.



Vineet A.

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Re: PCI-7831 tutorial for beginner

Whats the range of the I16 values to correspond with the -10 to 10 volts range?

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Re: PCI-7831 tutorial for beginner

I16 ranges from -32768 to +32767


If that doesn't answer your question, then please be more specific.