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Embedded Signal Processing with the Micro Signal Architecture

Description Book Information

This is a real-time digital signal processing

textbook using the latest embedded Blackfin processor Analog Devices,

Inc (ADI). 20% of the text is dedicated to general real-time signal

processing principles. The remaining text provides an overview of the

Blackfin processor, its programming, applications, and hands-on

exercises for users. With all the practical examples given to expedite

the learning development of Blackfin processors, the textbook doubles

as a ready-to-use user's guide. The book is based on a step-by-step

approach in which readers are first introduced to the DSP systems and

concepts. Although, basic DSP concepts are introduced to allow easy

referencing, readers are recommended to complete a basic course on

"Signals and Systems" before attempting to use this book.

This is the first text to utilize the LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin

Processors to rapidy protototype and deploy algorithms. The Graphical

System Design approach is introduced to allow a designer to quickly

move through the design processs using a single graphical tool

from algorihtm design and prototyping to implementation on a

Blackfin processor.

Useful Links:

Official Companion Website (Download Companion Material Here)

Authors and Organization:

Woon-Seng Gan, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

Sen M. Kuo, Chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Northern Illinois University

Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Edition: 1
ISBN-10: 0471738417
ISBN-13: 978-0471738411

Summary of How NI Technology is Used:

This textbook utilized the LabVIEW Embedded Module for ADI Blackfin Processors to quickly prototype and deploy real-time DSP algorithms on the BF533 and BF537 processors.
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