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How to make calculations using Fuzzy controller for multiple samples of data per iteration acquired using DAQ?

I have configured DAQ assistant's sampling rate to 40Hz and no.of samples to 80 in order to acquire correct voltage information from my sensors so per iteration 80 samples of data are acquired however for further processing of data when I use Fuzzy logic controller it executes only once every iteration and considers only the first of the 80 samples every iteration. How do I make the Fuzzy controller to calculate for each of the 80 samples every iteration in real time?


Any other functions used along with the DAQ such as feedback nodes and even case structures are also executed only once every iteration if I put them in a loop the 1st sample every iteration is considered and calculated n times.


I have attached the VI in which I am using a simulate signal to work offline I have set the sampling rate at 40Hz and no of samples at 80 because that is how I need the DAQ to be configured to obtain correct sensor data. The screenshot shows is attached to show the problem, under the fuzzy column u can see only the first of the 80 samples gives values this is for every iteration.


ps: I have used collector to obtain the latest 79 samples to get change for every sample because even the feedback node and shift regs work once every iteration storing only the 1st sample value.

The zip file contains the .fs file u need to run the fuzzy controller.