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Benefit of using DSA 4461 vs. DAQ 6259 for SINE sweep



What is the benefit of using DAS card vs. DAQ for the sine sweep?

When I open the SINE Sweep example it let me select both DSA and DAQ as measuring devices. 

Is 6259 is fast enough that it can get dynamic measurements? It would be easier and cheaper to use DAQ.

OR for the good sound measurement it still better to use DSA card?

We usually sweep from 20Hz  to 10kHz.


Thank you

Accepted by topic author Rus_K
‎08-27-2015 06:09 PM
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Re: Benefit of using DSA 4461 vs. DAQ 6259 for SINE sweep

Hi Rus_K,


Can you elaborate on your application for me? If you are just wanting to generate a sine sweep, a DAQ card would probably be sufficient. The card has an update rate of 2.86 MS/s so it would definitely be fast enough to do the sweeps you require. The big thing you lose is the 24-bit resolution.  


However, if you are doing a sweep for a sound input, I would definitely recommend DSA card. DSA cards are recommended for sound measurements because of their high dynamic range as this allows for detection of both strong and weak signal components at the same time. They also have 24-bit resolution which is excellent for analysis in the frequency domain. DSA boards also feature high performance signal and analog filters to remove all signal components above about 0.45 times the sampling frequency. And lastly, it is the delta-sigma modulation utilized by this card that really useful in sound measurements.


Kind Regards,



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Re: Benefit of using DSA 4461 vs. DAQ 6259 for SINE sweep

Thank you Allie,


We are going to use it to measure frequency response of the microphone. And we do use sound as input across different frequencies.


Thanks again for the clarification.