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Improve DAQmx Flatten Channel to

  1. DAQmx Flatten Channel to still uses an unbundle function to wire the error status to the case structure.
  2. The Call Library Function Node should be wired to the error cluster.


DAQmx Flatten Channel String.jpg



Active Participant G-Money
Active Participant

I agree that this VI should be updated to incorporate proper modern LabVIEW programming techniques. I am going to move this Idea over to the DAQ Idea Exchange so that the R&D team that works with DAQmx will see this and hopefully incorporate this into the next iteration.

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Thank you G-Money.

Active Participant Seth_B.
Active Participant

Just to let you know, I've shown this post to the group that owns this function and they have a Corrective Action Request filed to make these updates.

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Very well ! Thank you very much.

Active Participant Seth_B.
Active Participant
Status changed to: In Development
Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Nice ! There are probably some other VIs that need this kind of update...