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Add support for SCXI-1600 in 64-bit Windows



I recently discovered that the SCXI-1600 is not supported in 64-bit Windows.  From what NI has told me, it is possible for the hardware to be supported, but NI has chosen not to create a device driver for it.


I'm a bit perplexed by this position, since I have become accustomed to my NI hardware just working.  It's not like NI to just abandon support for a piece of hardware like this -- especially one that is still for sale on their website.


Please vote if you have an SCXI-1600 and might want to use it in a 64-bit OS at some time in the future.







This is not a nothing issue. This was an expensive DAQ to have it essentially turned useless is a ral frustration. The whole reason I bought a DAQ for the SCXI was to remove myself from the computer upgrade cycle -- now I find once again the computer causing me to upgrade my DAQ. stupid, the equipment is working fine.


Besides that I obviously need to have this driver, i'd like to add that there really needs to be a warning notice about the lack of 64 bit driver support on the product page at a prominent position - after our IT requested the update to Win7 64 bit, I checked the online product specifications and found no reason to deny it - now we're not only stuck with just another computer we will no longer be allowed to link to the company network in a few months (don't you just love data transfer via USB-sticks), we also have double work setting up a computer system twice (upgrade  and downgrade), not to mention the debugging effort...


isn't there some way to write a 64Bit"wrapper" around the 32 bit driver?


I agree with the above comments. I tried to use the SCXI-1600 on 4 different laptops, even uninstalling and reverting the DAQmx driver on one of them. Then searching all over the web for the problem. All of this in front of customers to whom I bragged NI hardware was easy to use. Finally called an AE and, after waiting for him to search around, found it was never supposed to work!


This is flagrant disregard for your customers' time. Why isn't the lack of current drivers prominently displayed for this device? Is this intentional so as not to hurt sales? To protect NI's image? Believe me, both are negatively affected far more when this non-working device gets into your customers' hands.


Be honest.

Member gpj

I'd be willing to pay for an upgraded driver.


2014 and counting!!, is this going to be fixed???????  the 32 bit computers are getting out the market!


2014 and still no plan on this?

ironically, you mentioned on the page you can...

please support this.



Hi All. Just reading about the lack of support for the
SCXI-1600 and Windows 7 (64bit) It sounds like I am in the same boat as the
rest of you. I have 4 SCXI systems and IT head office is rolling out Windows 7
(64) across the board. (Worldwide). so now I have the choice of either
purchasing 4 new systems ($160K USD), Trying to just get the Windows 7 (32)
operating system (if possible) or start buying new hardware. Then I need to
justify why I am spending this money. Like you all, it has been just so easy to
use the NI stuff but when you are forced to upgrade and there is no support for
one party it does make our job so much harder. Yes I would like 64bit support
for the SCXI-1600 module.


Unbelievable that NI have not released a driver for 64 bit Win 7. We have about $100k worth of SCXI equipment that we would like to move to Windows 7 64-bit but it looks like the PCMCIA DAQCard 6036E does not have a DAQmx driver that is compatible with Windows 7 64-bit either.


Is there any way at all to connect a SCXI chassis to a Windows 7 64-bit PC at this stage?


Has anyone tried using virtual machine software that runs a 32 bit version of Windows 7 or even Windows XP and running the equipment and Labview through that?

Active Participant

I'm in the same boat as the rest of you. We desperately need to transition from using Windows XP since it is no longer supported by MS. We purchased this SCXI-1600 system after Windows 7 was released as was recommended by NI's SCXI hardware builder advisory. If we had known that it was at the end of product life we would not have purchased it.


Does Windows 7 32bit work with it or is it Windows XP only?


Yes, the 1600 works with Windows 7 32 bit.  I've used it this way before.