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TDMS Channel Property NI_DataType

I write I16 values to a TDMS channel from LabVIEW. In DIAdem the data type is always float64. The property NI_DataType is read only so how can I set the correct data type ? In fact I have problems because the conversion from I16 to float64 gives me strange results like if I store a sinus my expected negative values will be saved as MaxFloat64 (4.294964939E+09)sinus_cut.jpg


I probed my LabVIEW data and I'm sure that it's ok.




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Re: TDMS Channel Property NI_DataType

If I make a explicit type cast to double before writing the data to the TDMS the data looks good. sinus_ok.jpg

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Re: TDMS Channel Property NI_DataType

Could you post one of the files including the I16?