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Diadem Help - Search with *

Status: New
by Member MaikThierer on ‎07-01-2013 02:54 AM

it is not possible to search the Diadem Help with




or    *Chn*

or    Fi*Dlg




you always have to know the right word you search.



the possibility to search with * makes it much more easier to findes command when you only have an idea how they could be named




Diadem script engine

Status: New
by Member Jim West on ‎08-30-2010 05:31 PM

Create a version of Diadem that has no user interface. This version would merely run scripts for use in delivered custom solutions.

I do not understand why it is not possible jet. After I Drag and Drop a Waveform inside VIEW. A possibility to change the x-Axis to absolute time should be possible.

The only way of doing it now is creating an extra Time Channel.Smiley Sad

Integrated statistics package

Status: New
by Member Radi8 on ‎05-10-2014 12:51 PM

It would be fantastic if you would develop your own, or put a wrapper around one of the existing public domain, statistics packages and greatly expand on the statistics currently offered in the product.  Evaluating the statistical significance of data seems a natural and powerful feature that should be included as part of data analysis.

I've noticed that the easiest way to relate a channel calculation back to the original channel is to append to the channel name:








Filtering for *engspeed, or *engspeed_rpm will return all of the above channels, but in my experience I rarely want to see all the additional channels...With enough channels, it can effectively obscure the channel you're looking for!


The simplest way I can think of to obscure these with the current functionality would be to have a stop character ("\"?) to prevent the filter from grabbing anything beyond that point:

*EngSpeed_rpm\ would return anything ending in *EngSpeed_rpm


Another way would be to get rid of the assumed * at the end of the filter, forcing people to put one on themselves when necessary (but that would be changing the current functionality and would likely confuse users at first):

*Engspeed_rpm would return anything ending in *EngSpeed_rpm

*EngSpeed_rpm* would return everything with EngSpeed_rpm inside it


This would also be nice for looking for channels that end in something, like anything ending in *nm\ rather than anything with nm in the name...


I quite often use a 2nd y-axis in a 2D-diagram. In order to improve the visibility I like to use the same grid for the first and second axis but different scaling. The 2nd y-axis is set to automatic scaling because of changing data ranges. Unfortunately the scaling range used for the second y-axis is completely unpredictable. Therefore the scale is way to big and the setting has to be corrected manually. This is very annoying, because the automatic choice is often not very logical and this behavior is not documented at all.




I can't rotate graphics or rectangles, ellipses etc. in the diadem report (display-position-...?). This is however possible with text boxes and should be no big deal for other object or graphics



Reorder script tabs

Status: New
by Active Participant Daklu Active Participant on ‎01-21-2013 10:31 AM

In tabbed environments (web browsers, dev environments, etc.) reordering my tabs helps me keep things organized and improves my workflow.  I'd like to have the ability to reorder the tabs in the script editor.

Plotting True/False Channels

Status: New
by Member jsalyards on ‎03-04-2014 01:53 PM

I work with a lot of data that contains true/false parameters.  I spend a good amount of time converting these channels to 0's and 1's in order to plot them with other numerical parameters.  Excel will automatically plot true/false parameters as 0's and 1's, but I prefer to use DIAdem.  It would be very helpful if DIAdem could plot these without converting them.

Having network directories available in the DataFinder is a great tool. However, if a network directory is added as a default search locations AND the network cable is unplugged, DIAdem will hang for a very long period of time. Windows commands are used to query for network locations. If not connected to the network, the timeout for these commands is quite large. 


While this is technically expected behavior, it is not ideal software functionality to hang if a network cable is unplugged.



Luke W

Status: Completed

I would like to be able to copy a plot to the clipboard, either from View or Report.  At the moment I have to use a screen-capture tool like Snippy.

I am introducing DIAdem to our company at the moment and all my colleagues are surprised that DIAdem cannot do this.

Hi all!!


I would like to be able to view the date of a time channel in a 2D Axis System. I know I can do it transfering it to DIAdem REPORT and then selecting the desired format in the axis, but I want to do it on VIEW.


I have tried with a waveform channel, a channel made of time stamps... I think it would a great feature!!



"add or replace" for data objects

Status: New
by Member nimic on ‎02-09-2014 11:49 PM


When developing scripts, I frequently add channel groups for analysis results, using


call data.root.channelgroups.add("analysis")


However, when re-running the scripts, successive groups "analysis1", "analysis2" etc. are created. This is a handy feature that I should not want to miss at some times, BUT

at other times I want to skip the creation of new channel groups. As a work-around I litter my code with 'exist'-statements such as


If not call data.root.channelgroups.exists("analysis") then

       call data.root.channelgroups.add("analysis")

end if

Set oResGrp = data.root.channelgroups("analysis")


Now, my suggestion is to add a command such as "AddOrReplace" or "Use", which would use the existing group if it exists and creates a new group if not. Pretty much the same behaviour as with the calculator, where

CH("NewChannel")= CH("oldChannel") will create a new channel or overwrite an existing one.



call data.root.channelgroups.add("analysis")

would work as we know it and

call data.root.channelgroups.Use("analysis")

would create a new object or use the existing one.

Alternatively one could supply an optional paramter to the .Add-method like

call data.root.channelgroups.add("analysis",0)

 as default using the well-known behaviour whereas

call data.root.channelgroups.add("analysis",1)

would change to create or replace.


Obviously the same would come in handy for channels or other objects that use an .add-method.


Thank you



Channel Table Inserts

Status: New
by Member JoshRew on ‎12-16-2011 12:32 PM

When dragging and dropping a channel into a View or Report table from the Data Portal, no matter where you release the channel, it's always appended to the end.  This can be frustrating if you have a large number of channels in the table, forcing you to rearrange the table after each channel is added.


I would like to propose the ability to drop channels in-between columns of the table, OR append channels on the end.

I would think that the area you drag the channel into would decide where it inserts:

  Between 2 channel headers (anywhere in the "Selected Channels" section or above) = Insert

  Anywhere on the "Channel Contents" section, row numbers, or blank area without channels = Append to end




Search History

Status: New
by Member ADobson on ‎01-17-2014 10:31 PM

This idea is another idea borrowed from programmers editors, the idea being to show a search history window that will show all matches for a specific term. If the particluar line is double-clicked then Diadem will jump to that specific file and line showing the search term. Search History


In Report it's possible to create a 3D matrix plot with only an Y-axis and the X-axis embedded in the waveform channels.

If you export this to VIEW this won't work since VIEW needs an explicit X and Y channel.



Status: Completed
This fix was just released with DIAdem 2012

Allow appending sheets in VIEW

Status: Completed
by Member JuliaDawkins on ‎09-21-2010 02:01 AM

It's very easy and useful to append a layout in REPORT (File...Append Layout), so it's confusing and disappointing that this isn't available in VIEW.

Status: Completed
Added in DIAdem 2011

Simplify how to create a DataPlugin

Status: New
by Member Jim West on ‎08-30-2010 05:50 PM

Simplify how to create a DataPlugin. I should be able to define a binary layout like a telemetry stream and directly assign channels.


For example, A new GUI would be created. I define the telemetry stream which has three floating point numbers then an integer, repeat. Assign channel names Volts, Amps, Power Out, and Setting. Perhaps set the built-in properties. Press a button the plug in is automatically created.

Add the ability to decode relative paths for video files within View and TDV files AND make it the default setting.  Adding an option box to the "Select Video File" dialog to allow absolute or relative path decode.  Also have the system recognize a relative path (i.e. ".\video.avi").  This may require a new TDV-Path variable.  This allows moving large video/data views to networked based folders allowing other engineers/customers to review/manipulate the data.



Moving channels "on the fly" in REPORT

Status: New
by Active Participant Naity on ‎04-04-2011 04:38 AM



Still on the toppic "Making Diadem more user friendly", Diadem is really limitated when it goes on X offsets. Somebody who wants in a report to superimpose two curves who do not begin at the same X value have to calcute the offset and set up 2 time chanells to get the whished result. Being able to move the curves yith the öouse or have a dedicated function in report could be helpful.


The easiest (to use and, I suppose, to develop) would be something alike to the "offset korrektur"/"offest correction" but applied for 2 curves. One can either chose a minimal, a maximal or both on the 2 curves and make those 2 to 4 points superimpose. With the 4 points choice, one can imagine that the curves will auto-rescale.

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