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I just started preparing for CLD exam. On looking different design pattern, I have seen ( that there is one option of using JKI state machine to crack CLD exam. But I am not clear how much it will be useful to solve our CLD exam when compared to other design patterns like QSM,producer consumer or SM. I couldn't see any CLD sample problems solved using JKI state machine in the forum. Please provide your feedback/sample solutions for JKI state machine.



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The JKI state machine is a good example of using 1 of several possible approaches.  The best advice I can offer is to know as many design patterns as possible and be comfortable with at least the PC(Data), PC(Events) and Queues and Notifiers, Timing and file IO.   You won't know what the requirements are untill your 4 hours starts having a bag full of tools means you can select the best one to meet your requirements.  Selecting the best design pattern for the job puts you that much closer to finishing in the alloted time.